Apr 20

Mutant: År Noll – Release Trailer

Check out this release Trailer for Fria Ligans pen & paper RPG Mutant: År Noll, that all involved has been working on their spare time with. Looking great!



Calle Granström – Direction, Environments, Compositing.
Daniel Bystedt – Character Artist Zongast
Jonas Skoog – Character Artist Mutant
Jonas Ekman – Character Animation
Henrik Eklundh – Character Shading
Love Gunnarson – Concept Art
Ulf Blomqvist/Redpipe – Sound Design
Christian Gabel – Music (Kraterland)

Thanks to
Fredrik Löfberg
Kristian Mårtensson
Simon Rainerson

VFX artist | DICE


DICE is looking for an experienced real-time VFX artist with at least one shipped title. It is important to us that our VFX-artist has a deep understanding of how to create high quality visual effects for real-time game engine. We also see that you have experience with major 3D package particles/dynamics and particle expressions (e.g. MAYA, XSI, 3D studio, Houdini). It is a plus if you have knowledge of high-end VFX for film, but you must have experience of – and understand the limitations of real-time engine.

You will have responsibility of developing animation, movement and atmospheric effects to enhance the gamer’s experience throughout the game. This is a crucial role for the studio and we want to find that VFX-artist who can push us to the next level. You will be following the Art Director and Creative Directors vision for the game and work closely together with the studios art team. And together we will create epic games inside the Battlefield-, Mirrors Edge- and StarWars franchise.

What skills does DICE look for?

In the DICE recruitment process, we place great emphasis on your personal characteristics. We value creative and technical problem solving skills. The ability to quickly learn and comprehend in-house VFX tools is necessary for the position. DICE is looking for that person who can help us develop tools and pipelines and have a proven track record of doing just so.

General Information

As part of the application process we might ask you to perform a practical work test. The position is permanent and applications will be selected continuously. Apply online with a combined CV andIntroduction letter in English, also include a portfolio with breakdown details. For more information, please call Peter Kjellbergt +46 8 658 78 00

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Apr 03

Dreams – Libresse | STOPP

CG whales and misc vfx from the stopp team

We had a great time creating this Libresse commercial together with director Robert Nylund of Social Club, the script called for whales, jetpacks and ostriches! We collaborated on all the technical solutions together with Robert beforehand, and put it all together after the shoot. We built a detailed digital hump back whale, integrated it with the ocean, added ice bergs, as well as the entire under water shots, except for the actress of course, which was shot in a pool.We simulated smoke, flames and sparks for the jetpack, removed wires, and composited a rather complex split-screen to get the three girls riding ostriches in the same shot.
Apr 02

Swedish armed forces | Important looking pirates

Check out the latest update from Important looking pirates. This time invisible but almost impossible to do in camera water vfx (if you don’t want to have epic reset times and dangerous environment for the actors). This time it is a commercial for the swedish armed forces.

Check out our water vfx in this new spot for the Swedish armed forces!

This was a really fun and challenging project. We had two complex shots in this spot. First shot was creating a digital water that bursts out of a door to fill an office. We did the simulation work in Houdini, and use Vray and our proprietary particle/volumetric renderer Tempest to render the final images. The shot was composited in Deep exr in order to be able to mix and match the outputs from different render engines.

The second shot was when the room was filling up and the office workers struggles to swim for the surface. The office was shot on location, and the actors and the props was shot against greenscreen in one of the pools where the Swedish navy’s frogmen exercise. We created digital water surface, particles, caustics and did some extensive deep compositing to tie it all together.


CLIENT: Försvarsmakten


VFX: Important Looking Pirates

  • VFX Supervisor - Niklas Jacobson
  • VFX Producer - Måns Björklund
  • Production assistant: Natalia Przezdziecka
  • 3D Artists - Juri Bryan, Robin Perdén,Björn Malmgren,Pim Shitosa, Jonas Bergholm
  • 2D Artists - Jens Tenland, Niklas Nyqvist

AGENCY: DDB Stockholm

  • AD: Fredrik Simonsson
  • Copy: Magnus Jakobsson
  • Production manager: Camilla Ryttare

Production company: DDB Film

  • Executive Producer: Mattias Coldén
  • Director: Oskar Wrangö
  • Producer: Marie Brusewitz
  • DOP: Fredrik Bäckar
  • UW DOP: Eric Börjeson
  • Editor: Johan Wik
  • Sound: Ljudligan / Mattias Eklund


Apr 01

Updates from FIDO

New breakdowns and Updates from FIDO.
David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive BTS – the Moa and the Harpagornis

David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive BTS – Resurrecting the Dodo


Synoptik – Zebra


Erikli – BTS

Audio quattro Olympia polar bear

Audio quattro Olympia snow leopard