Nov 21

Liseberg Jul | Swiss

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Christmas ad for Liseberg .

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Agency Producer: Alexander Blidner
Creatives: Paul Eneroth, Magnus Almberg
Producer: Mattias Bengtsson
VFX Supervisor: Joel Lindman
3D artitsts :Mikael Engzell,Simon Ekeberg,Peter Martin Hartwig
Nov 07

AXE and Battlefield 4 | Visual art

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Great stuff with a twist from Visual art.

Visual Art was approached by the creative agency with the mission to make a co-branded commercial for AXE and Battlefield 4. With help from DICE, providing captured in-game, we created a AXE spot within the Battlefield 4 world, adding that extra touch of the AXE effect through our two CG heroes.

Client: AXE and EA
Director: Fredrik Löfberg
VIdeo Director (Ingame capture): Roland Smedberg, DICE
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Producer: Hampus Gunnarsson
VFX Supervisor/3D Lead Artist: Pontus Ekstrand
3D: Jonas Skoog, Jonas Ekman
2D: Team: Calle Granström

Mocap Studio: Imagination Studios

Oct 25

Game of phones | Important looking pirates

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Some great new updates from Important looking pirates.

Game of phones

We were approached by Claudio and David from ’3′ to create a promo for their latest Game of Phones campaign. Based on the success of the existing campaign they were looking to take the 60s Bond theme forward, creating a more visually graphic film for the web. The objective was to invite people to play theGame of Phones for a chance to be one of 100 unique people to win the new iphone 5 and have it personally delivered to their door.

We had 3 weeks production time from start to finish, which included coming up with a story that was not only informative and interesting but could also be shot in a day. We had over 22 shots to shoot, including a few where we had to change the direction of gravity! Our detailed 3D previs contributed a lot to the smooth running of the shoot. We shot at 100 fps to achieve the cool speed ramps in the film and to get a sharp edge with no motion blur to later create the clean silhouettes. This added up to a whole load of frames to conform, roto and comp!

We worked very collaboratively with the client on the look and feel of the film. Together we tried to come up with a suitable concept that best expressed the speed and endurance it takes to win the Game of Phones. We settled on the idea of a classic ’3′ chase through transitioning environments to illustrate each new challenge. After each win you see the players get thrown deeper and deeper into the ’3′ network until finally some are lucky enough to get through the door to the mastermind ‘Mannen från 3′ and win the new iphone 5.

It was a very creative process from start to finish and we thoroughly enjoyed working with the guys from ’3′. We feel we ended up with a fun piece of work!

– See more at:

Production – Important Looking Pirates

Direction – Important Looking Pirates

VFX – Important Looking Pirates

’3′ team:

  • Concept, Strategy/Creative Direction: Claudio Moyano
  • Art Direction/Design: David Karcenti
  • Project/Campaign Management: Johan Markus

ILP VFX team:

  • Executive Producer: Måns Björklund
  • VFX Producer: Magdalena Berglind
  • Shoot Producer: Jan Cafourek
  • Production Assistant: Natalia Przezdziecka

  • Creative Director:
     Niklas Andersson
  • VFX Supervisor: Bobo Skipper
  • VFX Artists: Saleh Najib, Jens Tenland, Niklas Nyqvist, Patrik Wedinger, Jonas Andersson


Oct 01

Add Power To Your Life – Vodafone | TBA + ILP

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Check out this epic TVC for Vodafone Germany! It’s a strong collaboration between the great team of Time based arts (all vfx except of sharks) and ILP (all sharks). A great example of what 2 small teams can achieve.


VFX Company – Time Based Arts

  • VFX Supervisor: Sheldon Gardner
  • Exec Prod: James Allen
  • Production: Chris Aliano, Hannah Clark
  • Flame: Mike Skrgatic, James Allen, Luke Todd, James Adamson
  • Flare: Steve Grasso
  • Smoke: Mike Aveling
  • Nuke: Leandro Vazquez, Andre Dias, Matt Shires, Jeanette Monero
  • Previs: Richard Perry
  • 3D: James Mann, Chris Woods, Ben Cantor, Graeme Turnbull, Jeroen Hooghoudt, Poul Resen Steenstrup, Toby Winder, Oscar Gonzalez Diez, Denis Baudin
  • Concept: Andrew Brooks, Matt Clark


VFX – Important Looking Pirates

  • Executive Producer: Måns Björklund
  • VFX Producer: Magdalena Berglind
  • Lead 3D Artist: Bobo Skipper
  • 3D Artists: Jonas Andersson, Patrik Wedinger
  • 2D Artists:  David Wahlberg, Jens Tenland, Niklas Nyqvist

– See more at:

Sep 23

V-ray reels 2013

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V-ray advertising reel including work from Stripe, Swiss,industriromantik and others.


Sep 23

Hemfrid – Tusse | FIDO

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Some new character animation from the Fido team for Hemfrid.


Producent, Claes Dietmann
Production Managers Ysabel Knyphausen, Anders Singstedt
Creative Director Kaj Steveman
Character Design Richard Engquist
Animation and modeling Cameron Scott
Look dev. Light & Render Johan Gabrielsson
Compositing Thomas Näslund, Daniel Norlund

Sep 22

Updates | Swiss

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New stuff from Swiss.

A funny tribute for lotto, including the goalkeeper from the Swedish bronze-team in the world cup .

Directed by Robert Jitzmark at Camp David. Have a look.


Executive Producer: Erik Holmedal

Producer: Mattias Bengtsson, Emma Rosas Hott

VFX Supervisor: Joel Lindman, Leo Wilk

2D and 3D artists:

Thomas Ekenryd,Mikael Engzell, Johan Vikström,David Nielsen,Andreas Leijon

Simon Ekeberg, Markus Bergqvist,Jon Wesström

Burger king  – Genie



Producer: Mattias Bengtsson

VFX Supervisor: Jan Karlström/Björn Jankes


Simon Ekeberg,Thomas Ekenryd,Kristian Zdunek,Andreas Leijon

Johan VIkström


Director: StyleWar

Production Company: Standart

Agency: Try Oslo



VFX Supervisor: Leo Wilk

Producer: Mattias Bengtsson, Emma Rosas Hott

Artists:Jon Wesström,Kristian Zdunek,Mikael Engzell,Johan Vikström,Joakim Eriksson


Production Company: Standart

Director: Rane Tiukkanen

Agency: Tre Kronor Creative