Jun 10

Lord of Ultima | Visual art

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Cool new commercial for online game Lord of ultima made by Visual art where they combine their skills in motion graphics and 3 character design


Client: EA/EASY/Playforfree
Director/3D lead: Johan Rimér
Art director: Alexander Pettersson
Character design: Jonas Skoog
Animation: Jonas Ekman, Viktoria Anselm
2D comp and mattepainting: Calle Granström

Mar 04

Autodesk 2012 Games Show Reel

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Check out Autodesk Games Show Reel 2012 to see some of the best games material from around the world created by Autodesk Customers.



Feb 16

Animation Job | Dice/EA

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DICE is looking for animator 

DICE is the award-winning developer of the Battlefield franchise and games like Mirror’s Edge. The company is situated in one of the world’s most picturesque cities – Stockholm, Sweden. The studio houses a riot of youth, hunger and passion for creating games. Innovation is part of the DICE DNA, whether it is creating new games or trying out innovative business models. People come to DICE to change our industry and to make unique, addictive and innovative entertainment.


Animators at DICE plays a crucial role when it comes to tying gameplay, storytelling and character movement together. Our animators are responsible all the way from idea and creating prototypes to directing actors/stuntmen during motion capture sessions and finally animating and implementing the result into the game.

With our content driven animation tool ANT you will have a unique possibility to prototype your ideas and try out new cool features all by yourself, you can also tweak all your animation blendings into perfection, and of course it’s all in real time. Working as an animator here has never been more exciting!

What skills does DICE look for?

– Experience from working with animation in the game industry.
– Excellent understanding of the animation principles
– Excellent skills in working with Maya, MotionBuilder or similar.
– Passionate about video games and animation.
– Experience with setting up/working with animation blending trees and/or state machines.
– Working with motion capture, recording and editing.

Soft Skills

– Strong ability to deliver on time and to set realistic time estimates for own work.
– Motivated & Committed
– Good Team player with a can-do attitude
– Industry knowledge; knowledge of common practices and understanding of industry trend

General Information

As part of the application process we might ask you to perform a practical work test. The position is permanent and applications will be selected continuously. Apply online with a combined CV and introduction letter in English.

Want to apply?

Apply online at https://jobs.ea.com/search/view.do?id=a0z50000001EdUjAAK

Oct 29

Diablo 3 | Blizzard

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Amazing inspiration from Blizzard.

The Black Soulstone Cinematic


Making of…


Oct 28

Weetakid | North Kingdom

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New game from North Kingdom.


Weetakid – an intergalactic mobile gameplay for kids



We helped BBH London to develop a iPhone based game app for Weetabix called “Weetakid.”

gameplay 1

The game sees users take control of Weetakid, a happy and lovable yellow creature whose magical world has been robbed of all its energy by the Evil Eater, the galaxy’s villain. Weetakid and his sidekick Nibbles must then go on a quest to retrieve the items stolen by the Evil Eater.

gameplay 2

An AR marker printed on the back of Weetabix will enable kids to fuel their Weetakid character for game play by feeding it a bowl of Weetabix every morning. At a certain point in the game, players are prompted to point their device’s camera at the back of the Weetabix Yellow Box. The game then launches into an augmented reality sequence whereby Weetakid appears.

Download the app and try for yourself here!

Oct 24

BF3 in game trailers | dice

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Check these fabulous in-game trailer from Swedish game developer Dice and their upcoming Battlefield 3.




Oct 23

BF3 | Visual art

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New stuff from Visual art, this time the Cinematic for Battlefield 3.




Visual Art Creative Studios created the Battlefield 3 cinematic for W+K and Electronic Arts global online launch campaign

Wieden+Kennedy approached Visual Art with the mission to bring life to the Battlefield 3’s front man “Man on Fire” in a 15-second cinematic. There was an idea that “Man on Fire” repitivly coming towards the camera in full attack, and Visual Art took this idea to its full potential.

Director: Johan Rimér
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Production co: Visual Art Creative Studios
Client: Wieden + Kennedy, Electronic Arts
3D team: Henrik Eklundh, Pontus Ekstrand, Jonas Ekman, Jonas Skoog, Janak Thakker, Mats Söderblom, Nikki Hammarström
2D team: Peter Blomstrand, Calle Granström, Erik Lindgren
Sound: RedPipe