Aug 31

3-day practical fx seminar: blowing crap up, greenscreen & high-speed with vfx experts at @32TenStudios in San Rafael

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Have you ever wanted to learn the secrets of blowing stuff up, shooting high speed and creating practical effects? fxphd and 32TEN Studios are offering a unique opportunity to learn all this from multiple Oscar-nominees in a 3-day hands-on workshop.

The workshop – to be held from September 29th to October 1st – will be taught at 32TEN Studios in San Rafael, where ILM was born. It will feature tuition from visual effects supervisor Scott Squires, effects DOP Marty Rosenberg, practical FX supe Geoff Heron, VFX supe Vince De Quattro, prop master Sean House and other special guests.

fxphd practical effects seminar

Jun 26

TedXSummit trailer | Mikros images

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Epic teaser trailer  for TEDx Summit in Doha by one of my favourite in french VFX, Mikros image.


Agency: We Are Pi,  director: Körner Union, production: BIG Productions

Jun 16

Tips from Scott Squires

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Legendary Vfx supervisor Scott Squires shares some tips

Jun 16

Hallmark – Motherbird | The Mill NY

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Great breakdown for Hallmarks “Motherbird” by the Mill NY.


The Mill Visual Effects Studio shares the Behind the Scene of award-winning spot for Hallmark, “Motherbird”

Directed by The Mill NY’s Yann Mabille, The team enters the very private life of a mother Robin raising her only chick. The team was able to recreate specific moments that conveyed human emotion so that the viewer would easily identify and feel compassion for the birds.

Jun 06

Halo 4 “The commissioning” E3 | Method studios

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Just watch..

The LA and Sydney offices of Method Studios and MJZ director Nicolai Fuglsig ramp up massive, feature-level VFX to introduce the storyline behind the new X-Box game set for release fall, 2012. Premiered at E3 this week, the spot was shot on location in Bucharest and completed just four weeks later.

Method VFX super, Benjamin Walsh: “Because the game itself was still in final development, we were allowed a certain amount of creative freedom to develop the environments and models in partnership with 343. It was fantastic to collaborate with the game’s producers to nail down the fine detail needed for the ad and ultimately play a part in how the finished game will look”.

Agency: TwoFifteen