May 18

The high cost of working in VFX.

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Scary article about the working conditions in the u.s for VFX workers.
I’m really happy I live a Nordic country with tax payed health insurance and working for a company that is paying for a private retirement plan.

Mar 27

Pipeline R&D Technical Director | Fido

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Fido is looking for a Pipeline R&D Technical Director 

Fido is looking for a Pipeline R&D Technical Director to join our permanent team to work on feature film and commercial productions and to continually improve pipeline, solve problems and maintain the production workflow.

Fido is one of the leading providers of visual effects in Scandinavia. Some of our latest work includes Underworld – Awakening (stereoscopic version), Attack the Block and Iron Sky. We’re currently working on Kon Tiki and a range of commercials and we have a number of exciting projects coming up. Our state of the art production pipeline supports both our feature film and commercial projects using a range of different tools including Maya, Nuke, Houdini,Katana, Mari, Mudbox, Renderman, V-Ray, Tractor etc.

Responsibilities include:

Pipeline development, customization and support
Research, recommend and implement improvements to our workflows that will improve productivity or communication.
Support and maintain FTrack (our asset management and production tracking system)
Communicate with artists, department leads, and supervisors on a daily basis to understand day to day production workflow needs.
Training and Documentation


3+ years professional experience in film visual effects / animation production workflows.
Strong skills in Python and familiarity with other scripting languages used in production.
Excellent problem solving skills
Good knowledge of Linux
Familiarity with network render queuing systems is a plus (we’re using Pixar’s Tractor).
Knowledge of networking and performance issues that arise with automated tools.
Excellent organizational and communication skills, with the ability to work effectively in high pressure environments.
Scripting knowledge in Autodesk Maya and Nuke. (Houdini is a plus)
Knowledge of 3D/2D production software APIs a plus
Knowledge of manage and administrate SVN or GIT repositories is a plus

In May 2011 Fido Film was acquired by Forestlight Studio, a Swedish film studio that produces 3D animated feature films aimed at children and families for the international market. Included under the Forestlight group is also Noble Entertainment, one of Sweden’s strongest independant film distribution companies who has, since 2002, distributed more than 600 films to both cinema and dvd. For more information go to

Please send your resume to Fredrik Limsäter,

Feb 16

Animation Job | Dice/EA

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DICE is looking for animator 

DICE is the award-winning developer of the Battlefield franchise and games like Mirror’s Edge. The company is situated in one of the world’s most picturesque cities – Stockholm, Sweden. The studio houses a riot of youth, hunger and passion for creating games. Innovation is part of the DICE DNA, whether it is creating new games or trying out innovative business models. People come to DICE to change our industry and to make unique, addictive and innovative entertainment.


Animators at DICE plays a crucial role when it comes to tying gameplay, storytelling and character movement together. Our animators are responsible all the way from idea and creating prototypes to directing actors/stuntmen during motion capture sessions and finally animating and implementing the result into the game.

With our content driven animation tool ANT you will have a unique possibility to prototype your ideas and try out new cool features all by yourself, you can also tweak all your animation blendings into perfection, and of course it’s all in real time. Working as an animator here has never been more exciting!

What skills does DICE look for?

– Experience from working with animation in the game industry.
– Excellent understanding of the animation principles
– Excellent skills in working with Maya, MotionBuilder or similar.
– Passionate about video games and animation.
– Experience with setting up/working with animation blending trees and/or state machines.
– Working with motion capture, recording and editing.

Soft Skills

– Strong ability to deliver on time and to set realistic time estimates for own work.
– Motivated & Committed
– Good Team player with a can-do attitude
– Industry knowledge; knowledge of common practices and understanding of industry trend

General Information

As part of the application process we might ask you to perform a practical work test. The position is permanent and applications will be selected continuously. Apply online with a combined CV and introduction letter in English.

Want to apply?

Apply online at

Jan 19

New job @ Fido

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Fido is recruting.. (In Swedish)

Fido söker Marknads- och Säljansvarig


Fido film är en av Skandinaviens största animations- och vfx-studios och har hela världen som arbetsfält. Vi är sedan ett år tillbaka en del i den expansiva Forestlight-gruppen och tar nu krafttag för att ytterligare växa på den skandinaviska marknaden.


Vi söker dig som brinner för film och vfx, och vill vara med och utveckla vår försäljnings- och marknadsföringsstrategi. Du behöver ha tidigare erfarenhet av liknande arbeten, vara van att driva egna projekt, ha ett stort kontaktnät och god kännedom om den svenska reklam- och produktionsbolagsbranschen.


Kontakta oss på så berättar vi mer.

Jan 17

VFX producer | Important Looking pirates

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ILP is looking for a VFX producer!

So if you want to hang out and work with an incredible crew and a super nice company please have a look below.

We’re looking for a VFX Producer to join our pirate team in Stockholm. To qualify you need to be driven, passionate, have an understanding how the post production works and most of all be a great team leader!

Employment form:

  • Full time position
  • Starting as soon as possible

Job Description:

  • Work as part of the production team to implement viable VFX solutions
  • Work with VFX Supervisors to create, implement and run schedule; track and manage the work flow through the department, meeting internal and external deadlines
  • Ensure the visual effects team understand the goals and deadlines for specific projects
  • Ensure good organisation of Dailies, rounds and meetings, the taking of notes and following up on information as necessary
  • Maintaining project databases
  • Create accurate bids
  • Keep communication flowing from Supervisor to Leads and crew to all other departments
  • Oversee execution of client deliveries of all wip’s and finals
  • Manage artists and clients
  • Manage resources and communicate coherently with other support departments.
  • Propose new and efficient ways to improve production workflow at ILP
  • Helping to maintain a positive, upbeat and professional production office, being pro-active and solution-oriented for all members of the team
  • Develop new business from local and alternative commercial/film markets


  • Highly organised, first-class time/project management skills
  • Previous scheduling experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proven ability to prioritise conflicting tasks
  • Must have the ability to work autonomously and meet deadlines
  • Ability to remain calm and confident under pressure and when working to tight deadlines
  • Ability to work within a team towards a common goal
  • Good knowledge of MS Office packages (incl Excel, Word)


  • Previous experience as a visual effects producer
  • In depth understanding of CG based VFX workflow
  • On-set production experience

Send application to:


Nov 24

Engineer/Developer – Important Looking pirates

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ILP is looking for a new member to their tech team. Permanent position.

Engineer/Developer – Staff

We are looking for an additional member to our tech team. The ideal candidate should be broad in knowledge and be able to help out in many different aspects of our daily work. This will include tasks such as user support, os management, hardware/software installations and pipeline development. A positive attitude and an interest in visual effects are a must.

Employment form:

  • Full time position.
  • Starting as soon as possible.


  • Good understanding of centOS, Fedora, Windows 7/XP and OSX deployment and management.
  • Debug/troubleshoot software and hardware issues on Linux/Windows/OSX workstations.
  • Experiance and good knowledge of python and pyqt.
  • Knowledge of networking concepts and network implementations.
  • Knowledge and practical experience of DNS, LDAP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, NFS, SAMBA,SNMP, PXE/Kickstart.

Bonus knowledge:

  • Knowledge of c, c++.
  • Experience with renderfarm / distributed computing systems and related software.
  • Experience with 3d/2d applications such as Maya, Nuke,Vray, Prman.
  • Experience with puppet.
  • Experience with cacti.
  • Experience with asset management.

Send application to:

  • Please include the job position in the email subject!

Engineer/Developer – Staff.

Nov 23

3D artist | Copenhagen Bombay

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Copenhagen Bombay in Stockholm is looking for a creative 3D/vfx artist to join CB-team on their S3D feature pilot.

Read more below in Swedish.

CB Sverige AB söker efter en svensk kreativ 3D-artist som kan både VFX och composit till en stereoskopisk 3D-animerad pilot av Esben Toft Jacobsen. Projektet har stöd från SFI, Film i Väst och Nordisk Film & TV Fond. Esbens första film THE GREAT BEAR tävlade bl.a. i filmfestivaler i Annecy, Berlin, Chicago, Busan, Stockholm, Malmö, Stuttgart mfl och är såld till 25+ territorier.

Uppgifterna  sträcker sig från ett stormande hav till splittrat glas, partiklar i luften och vattenbubblor under vattnet – ska kunna lösas kreativt antingen med Ocean Toolkits (NOT, HOT eller ren Maya), 2D-effekter på plates, partiklar och andra volumetriska effekter.

Arbetserfarenhet av följande programvara nödvändig : Maya/Mental Ray/Nuke.

Placering i Stockholm eller Köpenhamn, arbetsperiod 5 veckor 5/12 – 13/1 (med uppehåll för jul/nyår), alternativt 12/12 – 20/1.

Kontaktperson: Petter Lindblad, producent,

Oct 08

s3D feature produced in Sweden | Copenhagen Bombay

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Copenhagen bombay is recruting.

The Danish Animation studio Copenhagen Bombay has during the first five years of its existence produced in excess of 2.000 minutes of animation for children and youth, and since may 2010 it has had a Swedish branch. Now the Swedish company is starting up development and production of a stereoscopic 3D-animated feature film, where they are looking for Swedish nationals to hire from October/November.

Below is information about the company and the positions they are looking to fill, unfortunately it is only in Swedish since they are looking for Swedes.

Copenhagen Bombay är en 5 år gammal dansk animationsstudio startad av regissören Anders Morgenthaler och producenten Sarita Christensen, delägd av Egmont. Fokus är barn- och ungdomsprojekt, med tungvikt på animation och crossmedia. Sedanstudion startades har över 2.000 minuter animation i många olika stilar har producerats, senaste med den 3D-animerade långfilmen DEN KÆMPESTORE BJØRN av Esben Toft Jacobsen och den 2D-animerade satirserien PANDAERNE av Anders Morgenthaler och Mikael Wulff.

I maj 2010 startade Copenhagen Bombay sitt svenska företag CB Sverige AB, där en del av DEN KÆMPESTORE BJØRN producerades.
Den filmen fick premiär i tävlan under Berlins filmfestival och har sedan dess visats i festivaler över hela världen; Annecy, Cartoon Movie i Lyon, Buenos Aires, Stockholm Filmfestival Jr, Stuttgart Int’l Filmfestival, BUFF mfl. Filmen är såld till över 20 territorier, och helt nyligen till en svensk distributör.

Sedan 1:a juni 2011 arbetar producenten Petter Lindblad med nya spännande animationsprojekt i Sverige, och det har nu blivit dags för oss att bygga upp vårt nätverk inom animation i Sverige.

Under hösten/vintern ska Copenhagen Bombay producera en 2 min lång pilot i stereoskopisk 3D för Esben Toft Jacobsens kommande långfilm, den svensk-danska äventyrsfilmen BEYOND BEYOND. Det Svenska Filminstitutet, Film i Väst och Nordisk Film & TV Fond är redan involverade i projektet, och utvecklingen har smygstartat i Danmark.

Det vi söker just nu till piloten är tre personer:

Teknisk regissör/erfaren generalist (ca 2 mån, start: slut okt/start nov)
3D-blocking i stereo/setup för animation
•Bygg/rigging av props & sets
•Vattensimulation och -animation (t.ex. Naiad och/eller HOT)
•VFX (volumetrisk, då piloten produceras i S3D)
Du får huvudansvaret för att realisera piloten tekniskt; samt struktur och pipeline tillsammans med producent, regissör och andra knutna till projektet (bl.a. en stereoskopi-konsult och erfarna ljus/render-tekniker).
Karaktärsbyggare (6 veckor, start: snarast)
•Ska bygga två huvudkaraktärer och en sidokaraktär med päls/fjädrar inkl blendshapes (begränsat, baserat på pilotens behov)
Animatör (6 veckor, start: mitt nov)
•Ska animera karaktärer, hero-props och del av vattnet i piloten. All dialog i piloten är som berättarröst.

Våra verktyg är främst Maya och Nuke – evt Mudbox/Z-brush, Naiad, HOT. Men vi kommer säkert att testa olika verktyg under utvecklingen, för att hitta fram till rätt slutresultat.

Utöver dessa konkreta uppgifter ska vi bygga upp ett team för hela långfilmen nästa år, så jag är intresserad av flera talangfullaartister som är intresserade av att vara en del av Sveriges första stereoskopiska 3D-animerade långfilm!

Vi tror att du som kontaktar oss har något eller några års professionell erfarenhet från liknande produktionsuppgifter och software,är bra på att hålla deadlines, optimera din tid och arbetskraft innanför projektens ramar – något som är oerhört viktigt då vi arbetar med low-budget produktioner. Du är också utåtriktad, kommunikativ och bra på att arbeta i team – det är ett litet tight team som ska skapa något helt fantastiskt och unikt ihop!
Filmen kommer att produceras i Stockholm, Västra Götaland och Köpenhamn, så vi tror att du bor i närheten av de områdena.
Produktionsstart för piloten är nu i oktober, och planerad produktionsstart för långfilmen (80 min) är i mars/april.

Skicka en kortfattad ansökning om dig, din erfarenhet och ambitioner per email till:
Bifoga kontaktuppgifter, CV och showreel/portfolio med breakdown, eller länk till din hemsida.

Vi vill gärna höra ifrån dig så snart som möjligt.



Sep 04

Work in Norway | Flame artist & Motion Graphics / 3D Artist

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Two different positions are available in Oslo, Norway.

Flame artist at Postmenn.

Permanent position.

Contact Stig Høyjord -Postmenn

Motion Graphics/3D artist at Stripe

read more at Stripe blog or contact

Martin Klint -3D Supervisor STRIPE

Aug 26

Lighting TD | Fido

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Fido is looking for a lighting TD since they have several feature film projects to deal with.

Apply here or on the right side of my blog..

Lighting TD
We have a number of exciting feature films projects coming up. Please send us your reel and cv. Applicant must have at least 3 years of production experience working with Maya/RenderMan. Experience of working with fur and feathers is a plus.
T: +46 (0)8 556 990 00