Apr 11

The death of green screen?

The future? (I checked it – not released the 1st of April)

Lytro Cinema, the world’s first Light Field solution for film and television. It is the ultimate creative tool for cinema and broadcast, providing breakthrough capabilities and unparalleled flexibility on set and in post-production.

The breakthrough capture system enables the complete virtualization of the live action camera — transforming creative camera controls from fixed on set decisions to computational post-production processes — and allows for historically impossible shots.

Designed for cutting edge visual effects (VFX), Lytro Cinema represents a complete paradigm shift in the integration of live action footage and computer generated (CG) visual effects. The rich dataset captured by the system produces a Light Field master that can be rendered in any format in post-production and enables a whole range of creative possibilities that have never before existed.



Dec 08

20 in the VFX Oscar race | fxguide

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Great to see that Everest is amongst 20 contenders for the Achievement in Visual Effects Oscar for the 88th Academy Awards

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Bridge of Spies
Ex Machina
Furious Seven
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2
In the Heart of the Sea
Jupiter Ascending
Jurassic World
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Martian
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
The Revenant
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Terminator Genisys
The Walk

Here’s the list of 20 contenders for the Achievement in Visual Effects Oscar for the 88th Academy Awards Ant-Man Avengers: Age of Ultron Bridge of Spies Chappie Everest Ex Machina Furious Seven The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 In the Heart of the Sea Jupiter Ascending Jurassic World Mad Max: Fury Road The Martian Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation The Revenant Spectre Star Wars: The Force Awakens Terminator Genisys Tomorrowland The Walk

Source: 20 in the VFX Oscar race | fxguide

Sep 20

Press release – Beyond Beyond | Copenhagen Bombay

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New press release Copenhagen Bombay regarding Beyond Beyond, Sweden’s 1st stereoscopic feature film.



Jun 01

Full CG s3D film is looking for a team | Copenhagen-Bombay

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Copenhagen Bombay is starting their production on the s3D Full CG feature “Beyond Beyond” and they are recruiting a team of artists for it right now.

Read more in this pdf bb or below…

CB Sverige AB is looking for team members for the animated feature film
BEYOND BEYOND, to be produced mainly in Stockholm

About CB Sverige AB
Copenhagen Bombay was founded in 2006 by producer Sarita Christensen and film director Anders Morgenthaler.
Their ambition was to create a company with openness and enthusiasm for original stories and new talent, an
innovative creative environment and a positive engagement of new ways of doing business.

Since the beginning in 2006 Copenhagen Bombay has positioned itself first and foremost as a production company
and animation studio producing high quality animation for low budgets, and with such success that we in 2011
expanded with the production company and animation studio in Sweden, CB Sverige AB. Since then producer Petter
Lindblad (www.imdb.com/name/nm2503512) is located in Stockholm where he is building up an animation studio for
producing Swedish projects and co-producing internationally.

Copenhagen Bombay put a lot of focus on the teamwork and the closeknit teams working together to create
amazing projects. We don’t send projects abroad, but create teams and projects that can be realized in our studios
in Scandinavia. We want to produced locally to have the experience and best people stay here and continue working
with us.

About the project
BEYOND BEYOND is the second feature film by director Esben Toft Jacobsen (www.imdb.com/name/nm2593468), his
first being THE GREAT BEAR that had its world premiere in competition at Berlinale 2011 and has since participated in
close to 50 festivals worldwide and been sold to over 20 territories.

BEYOND BEYOND is a stereoscopic 3D-animated adventure film for children 6-9 years old, and will be the first ever
stereoscopic (3D) film produced in Sweden.

Read more about the project on Twitchfilm.net, where you also can see some stills from the pilot and some
production design.


See the trailer for Esben’s first animated feature film, THE GREAT BEAR here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?

Our tools
Maya 2011, Yeti, Nuke 6.0, Z-brush 4, V-Ray 2.0

Roles we’re looking for
• 3D-builders (3 total)
The team of three will build every asset in the film, from characters to props and sets. Minimal texturing,
we have a texture artist who will be doing all texturing. Grooming of fur with Yeti will be part of the building
Period: August 2012 – January 2013

Shading/Lighting artist (1,5)
The artist we’re looking for will be lead shading/lighting artist and will get 6 months assistance in addition to
the period in question. Texturing is done by our production designer/matte painter.
Period: Mid-september 2012 – june 2013

•Animators (6 in SE and 3 in DK)

A total team of nine animators will work on this film, with flexible starting periods.
Periods: 4 people start mid-october 2012, 2 in mid-november and 3 in january 2013. All end in june 2013.

Render wrangler (1)
Here we’d like to find a junior generalist looking to get into feature film production, to take care of all
rendering and fixing/flagging issues that occur, and together with the TD and the rest of the team optimize
the rendering from beginning to end.
Period: Mid-november 2012 – mid-september 2013

•Composit (2 total)

The team of two compositors will be comping the rendered layers in stereo, adding matte paintings and
projecting overpaint-elements in 3D-space and adding VFX and simulation passes from our VFX/simulation
Period : Flexible starting period, to be concluded. Estimated start december 2012 – september 2013.

•Responsibilities include

For all departments, we work together and continually optimize our work process to reach the best result and reach
our internal deadlines without working overtime.
Suitable experiences in related projects, depending on the position you apply for. We will not consider
applicants without a proven track record.
Good communication skills – transparency and communication in the team is essential
Ability to make technical and creative decisions with the director, TD and team leaders based on resources
and desired end result, and the ability to explain the decisions to others.
Following Swedish film agreement levels, on a per-role and experience basis.

How to apply
Send an email to beyond@copenhagenbombay.com and put the job role you’re applying for in the subject,
fx “Light/shading”.

We’d like to see a CV, resume or similar, and know some personal things about you. Preferably you have a link to your
website/blog where we can see things like a reel, stills and learn more about your role in the projects and assignments
you have been a part of.

Read more about the company and its projects at www.copenhagenbombay.com. If you have any questions, don’t
hesitate to contact us.

Feb 23

Beyond Beyond | Copenhagen Bombay

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Some updates from Petter @ Copenhagen Bombay regarding their full cg stereoscopic feature film. I’m looking forward to see more stuff.

All artwork is work in progress..

Beyond Beyond
Beyond Beyond is a story about wanting the impossible. And it is a story about a little boy, not old enough to know the guidebook to life, picking a fight with the most powerful force. Learning about existence little by little.

Johan and his father have lived at sea for as long as Johan can remember. Or at least since he was three when his mother disappeared. Johan likes the ship. It has a greenhouse where they grow carrots, and it has fishing nets. Johan is good at diving and at mechanics, and helps his father re- pairing the ship. One day when Johans father go for provisions and Johan is left alone on the boat, he recieves a distress call on the radio with a clue to where his mother is.

The Universe
Beyond Beyond takes place in two universes: the world of the living and the world of the dead – The Kingdom of the Feather King. The world of the living looks like our world apart from being populated by rabbits instead of humans. They act as humans, live in houses, sail ships and have hu- man feelings. The Kingdom of the Feather King is an infinitely large place with infinite numbers of rabbits. As the story Beyond Beyond goes on The Kingdom of the Feather King changes from being a very sad place to be an amazing place to spend eternity. And this change is what Beyond Beyond is all about.

Directors note on the visual style
I want to work with a high level of detail and tactility in the visuals. I am aiming for a universe with a lot of depth in the images, and a feeling of ‘everything being possible’. It will have fog and dust particles in the air, so it feels like the air has a mass. The characters will look like you can grab them and touch them. The main charac- ter, Johan, who goes to the underworld to get his parents back, is a very small and thin creature, who looks like he could be blown away by a gust of air.

Director Esben Toft Jacobsen
Esben Toft Jacobsen was born in 1977. A former student of visual communication at The Danish Design School, he went on to graduate from The National Film School of Denmark as an Animation Director in 2006. In 2007 Esben was awarded a special mention at the Berlinale for his graduate film, ‘Having a Brother,’ in 2008 he took part in the Talent Campus an in 2011 his Feature Film debut The Great Bear was officially selected for the Generation Kplus section.

Beyond Beyond (expected completion 2013) Feature Film The Great Bear (2011) Feature film Kiwi & Strit (2008) Short film as part of Carsten & Gitte’s Movie Madness Having a Brother (2006) Graduation film from the Danish Film School

Producer Petter Lindblad
Petter Lindblad was born in 1975, and graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 2000, where he received a Masters in Media Production. In 2005 he graduated as Master in Euro- pean Audiovisual Management from the MEDIA-supported Media Business School in Spain. Petter has worked at Zentropa in Denmark, and from January 2007 for Copenhagen Bombay. Since June 2011 he is running the Swedish branch Copenhagen Bombay Sweden AB.

Selected filmography
The Secret of the Iceflower (2011), Short film, Dir. Jacob Ley
The Great Bear (2011), Feature film, Dir. Esben Toft Jacobsen
The Apple & The Worm (2009), Feature film, Dir. Anders Morgenthaler
Carsten & Gitte’s Movie Madness (2008), Dir. Anders Morgenthaler a.o. (line producer)

In parallel with producing the film, a digital game will be developed – a high concept, interactive story in 10 episodes using elements from ad- venture puzzle games with a lot of physics. The intention is to expand the world we already know, using the story in the film as the game’s A-plot and adding several B-plots in the game. The game will have the same visual and story properties as the film, and be told with strong moods and subtle humor. The game is aimed for tablets as the primary delivery platform, and is developed with support from MEDIA.

Director: Esben Toft Jacobsen
Written by: Esben Toft Jacobsen & Jannik Tai Mosholt
Producer: Petter Lindblad
Co-producer: Sarita Christensen
International sales: Copenhagen Bombay Sales ApS
Production company: Copenhagen Bombay Sweden AB in co-production with Copenhagen Bombay Rights 1 ApS

Financing (development): CB Sweden AB, CB Rights 1 ApS, The Swedish Film Institute, The Danish Film Institute, Film i Väst, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, CB Sales ApS

Technical information
Animated Feature Film
Target Group: 7 – 12 years
Length: app. 80 min
Tech.: Stereoscopic 3D, Animated in Maya
Budget: 2,8 mio Euro
Director: Esben Toft jacobsen
Year: expected completion in 2013

Malene Iversen, Head of Sales, Phone: +45 25419911 / malene.iversen@copenhagenbombay.com

Petter Lindblad, Producer, Phone: +46 73321600 / petter.lindblad@copenhagenbombay.com

Jan 29

Underworld Awakening BTS-Fido | Fido

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Great behind the scenes on Fido’s awesome work for “Underworld Awakening” in S3D.  Spoiler alert!


Fido VFX Team
VFX Supervisor – Kaj Steveman
VFX Producer – Nils Lagergren
VFX supervisor – Anders Nyman
Line producer – Anders Singstedt
Character and Animation supervisor – Staffan Linder
Animation – Cameron Scott
                   – Peter Aversten
                   – Rickard Engqvist
FX animation – Björn Henriksson
Animation and modeling TD – Magnus Eriksson
Match moving – Björn Svanström
                          – Joakim Eriksson
Lighting TD – Peter Aversten
                      – Björn Liljequist
Concept artist – Rickard Engqvist
Compositing Lead – Daniel Norlund
Compositing  – Håkan Jonsson
                         – Martin Borell
                        – Tomas Näslund
                        – Pontus Albrecht
On-line – Linda Öhlund
Oct 08

s3D feature produced in Sweden | Copenhagen Bombay

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Copenhagen bombay is recruting.

The Danish Animation studio Copenhagen Bombay has during the first five years of its existence produced in excess of 2.000 minutes of animation for children and youth, and since may 2010 it has had a Swedish branch. Now the Swedish company is starting up development and production of a stereoscopic 3D-animated feature film, where they are looking for Swedish nationals to hire from October/November.

Below is information about the company and the positions they are looking to fill, unfortunately it is only in Swedish since they are looking for Swedes.

Copenhagen Bombay är en 5 år gammal dansk animationsstudio startad av regissören Anders Morgenthaler och producenten Sarita Christensen, delägd av Egmont. Fokus är barn- och ungdomsprojekt, med tungvikt på animation och crossmedia. Sedanstudion startades har över 2.000 minuter animation i många olika stilar har producerats, senaste med den 3D-animerade långfilmen DEN KÆMPESTORE BJØRN av Esben Toft Jacobsen och den 2D-animerade satirserien PANDAERNE av Anders Morgenthaler och Mikael Wulff.

I maj 2010 startade Copenhagen Bombay sitt svenska företag CB Sverige AB, där en del av DEN KÆMPESTORE BJØRN producerades.
Den filmen fick premiär i tävlan under Berlins filmfestival och har sedan dess visats i festivaler över hela världen; Annecy, Cartoon Movie i Lyon, Buenos Aires, Stockholm Filmfestival Jr, Stuttgart Int’l Filmfestival, BUFF mfl. Filmen är såld till över 20 territorier, och helt nyligen till en svensk distributör.

Sedan 1:a juni 2011 arbetar producenten Petter Lindblad med nya spännande animationsprojekt i Sverige, och det har nu blivit dags för oss att bygga upp vårt nätverk inom animation i Sverige.

Under hösten/vintern ska Copenhagen Bombay producera en 2 min lång pilot i stereoskopisk 3D för Esben Toft Jacobsens kommande långfilm, den svensk-danska äventyrsfilmen BEYOND BEYOND. Det Svenska Filminstitutet, Film i Väst och Nordisk Film & TV Fond är redan involverade i projektet, och utvecklingen har smygstartat i Danmark.

Det vi söker just nu till piloten är tre personer:

Teknisk regissör/erfaren generalist (ca 2 mån, start: slut okt/start nov)
3D-blocking i stereo/setup för animation
•Bygg/rigging av props & sets
•Vattensimulation och -animation (t.ex. Naiad och/eller HOT)
•VFX (volumetrisk, då piloten produceras i S3D)
Du får huvudansvaret för att realisera piloten tekniskt; samt struktur och pipeline tillsammans med producent, regissör och andra knutna till projektet (bl.a. en stereoskopi-konsult och erfarna ljus/render-tekniker).
Karaktärsbyggare (6 veckor, start: snarast)
•Ska bygga två huvudkaraktärer och en sidokaraktär med päls/fjädrar inkl blendshapes (begränsat, baserat på pilotens behov)
Animatör (6 veckor, start: mitt nov)
•Ska animera karaktärer, hero-props och del av vattnet i piloten. All dialog i piloten är som berättarröst.

Våra verktyg är främst Maya och Nuke – evt Mudbox/Z-brush, Naiad, HOT. Men vi kommer säkert att testa olika verktyg under utvecklingen, för att hitta fram till rätt slutresultat.

Utöver dessa konkreta uppgifter ska vi bygga upp ett team för hela långfilmen nästa år, så jag är intresserad av flera talangfullaartister som är intresserade av att vara en del av Sveriges första stereoskopiska 3D-animerade långfilm!

Vi tror att du som kontaktar oss har något eller några års professionell erfarenhet från liknande produktionsuppgifter och software,är bra på att hålla deadlines, optimera din tid och arbetskraft innanför projektens ramar – något som är oerhört viktigt då vi arbetar med low-budget produktioner. Du är också utåtriktad, kommunikativ och bra på att arbeta i team – det är ett litet tight team som ska skapa något helt fantastiskt och unikt ihop!
Filmen kommer att produceras i Stockholm, Västra Götaland och Köpenhamn, så vi tror att du bor i närheten av de områdena.
Produktionsstart för piloten är nu i oktober, och planerad produktionsstart för långfilmen (80 min) är i mars/april.

Skicka en kortfattad ansökning om dig, din erfarenhet och ambitioner per email till: petter.lindblad@copenhagenbombay.com
Bifoga kontaktuppgifter, CV och showreel/portfolio med breakdown, eller länk till din hemsida.


Vi vill gärna höra ifrån dig så snart som möjligt.



Oct 03

mårlind&stein | Post production of Underworld Awakening

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Interesting behind the scenes sneak peak from Mårlind & Stein, where they are using a light stage ?  for the new film Underworld Awakening.








mårlind&stein: Post production of Underworld Awakening.

May 23

Flying monsters 3D – Bafta award

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Congratulations to the team @ Fido who was a part of the Flying monster s3D production for SKY 3D who received a BAFTA award for best specialist factual


Flying Monsters 3D
David Attenborough, Anthony Geffen, Sias Wilson
Sky 3D/Atlantic Productions

May 03


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Fido and 3D supervisor Peter Aversten will be at the Foundry product session the 5th of May in Stuttgart.

Fido did for Sky’s 3D Channel on FLYING MONSTERS. Fido used MARI to create textures on huge dinosaurs and other wonderful prehistoric flying creatures on this project for Sky’s Christmas 2010 Stereo Special.