Apr 11

The death of green screen?

The future? (I checked it – not released the 1st of April)

Lytro Cinema, the world’s first Light Field solution for film and television. It is the ultimate creative tool for cinema and broadcast, providing breakthrough capabilities and unparalleled flexibility on set and in post-production.

The breakthrough capture system enables the complete virtualization of the live action camera — transforming creative camera controls from fixed on set decisions to computational post-production processes — and allows for historically impossible shots.

Designed for cutting edge visual effects (VFX), Lytro Cinema represents a complete paradigm shift in the integration of live action footage and computer generated (CG) visual effects. The rich dataset captured by the system produces a Light Field master that can be rendered in any format in post-production and enables a whole range of creative possibilities that have never before existed.



Nov 07

Nuke compositor – Filmgate

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Filmgate is looking for a Nuke compositor.


“Filmgate (Sweden, Gothenburg) is looking for a Nuke Compositor with experience equivalent to 3-4 years. Start is, as soon as possible, until end of January. Send your application to daniel@filmgate.se andgustav@filmgate.se

Oct 23

Important looking pirates are looking for freelancers

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ILP are currently looking for the following FREELANCERS to help us on our epic TV series production “CONSTANTINE” >> COMPOSITOR, ANIMATOR, LIGHTING TD, CHARACTER ARTIST/CREATURE MODELER starting ASAP through to the end of November! If this is YOU please apply through http://ilpvfx.com/jobs/ now and pick‪#‎novemberfreelancers‬ from the current openings drop down menu!

Oct 19

Roy awards nomintations

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Have a look and see this years Swedish Roy awards nominees.

Who is the true winner? Would be interesting to know what you all think.

Best animation
Milford Film & Animation – ”Car” för Hoyhoy

Stylewar – ”Ett lågt pris blir till” för Netonnet

Milford Film & Animation – Ronaldo ”Free kick” för Nike

Best visuell effects 
STOPP/FAMILY – ”I am Brazuca” för Adidas Football

Swiss International – ”Epic Split” för Volvo Trucks

STOPP/FAMILY – ”Fiskarna” för Spendrup/Loka

Sep 18


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Tendril has recently produced a 3D character animation commercial for Petro Canada. The connection to Sweden is that Tendril hired Olov Burman of Göteborg, to make the Storyboard and Animatic.  Olov brought Chistina Sidoto in as a Freelance Character Animator to help him animate the characters and cameras. Christina is resident of Sweden for a year and a half, but originates from the NYC area.

World of More was initially developed as a print campaign for Petro Canada by Tendril.  The characters were plucked from 2D and brought into the spellbinding world of 3D character animation.



Link to process images
Name of the project/campaign
World of More
Petro Canada
ACD: Don Embree, Bart Smith

AD, CW: Sarah Quinto, Julia Forrester
Agency Producer: Lauren Sloan

Director: Tendril
Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma, Suzy Bradshaw
Coordinator: Leah Wesolowski
Storyboard & Animatic: Olov Burman
Character Design: Rodrigo Rezende
Beaver Design: Vini Nascimento
Animation: Olov Burman, Christina Sidoti
Rigging: Nick Miller
Technical Director: Ben Pilgrim
Modeling: Vini Nascimento, Ben Pilgrim, Rowan Simpson, Marcin Porebski
Textures:Brad Husband, Rowan Simpson
Lighting & Render: Brad Husband
Editing: Steve Manz of Relish Editing
Music: Eggplant Collective

Sep 17

Making of “Cams” – Carl-Johan Westregård

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Check out this making of film for “Cams” by Carl-Johan Westregård. It has been shown at Venice Film festival as the only Swedish short film. Great work Carl-Johan! 


Aug 15

Istudios – Himalaya breakdown

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Nice little breakdown from Istudios visuals in Karlskrona.

Keep sending stuff to me!


Breakdown of Vfx shots from ” WIP – Secure Intranet in Himalaya – commercial” .
Comped and graded in Adobe After Effects, smoke and snow particles simulation made in Blender. Set extentions created in Blender and rendered inside After Effects with Element 3D.

Watch the full commercial here:

Directed & Edited by Urban Bardå.
VFX by Istudios Visuals, istudios.se

Client: WIP
Director: Urban Bardå
Producer:  WIP
DoP: Patrik Nilsson
On-Set Visual Effects Supervisor: Henrik Svilling
BTS footage: Mattias Olsson
Make up: Ibiza Bäckström
Editor:  Utban Bardå
VFX:  Anton Johansson & Henrik Svilling
3D Artist:  Henrik Svilling
Color grading: Anton Johansson