Apr 18

The Art of VFX » THE PIRATES! BAND OF MISFITS: David Vickery – CG Supervisor – Double Negative

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Great article about DNEGs extensive work for Aardman’s Pirates “band of misfits” from Vincent Frei at artofvfx.

Read more at The Art of VFX » THE PIRATES! BAND OF MISFITS: David Vickery – CG Supervisor – Double Negative.

Mar 13

Swedish House Mafia – Opening Sequence |

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The Mill NY’s Flame Artist Markus Lundqvist (use to work at Redrum and Chimney pot) co-directed this piece, and the design, VFX and telecine were all done at The Mill in 24 hours!



Feb 24


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Great animated film from Adrian Dexter (working @ ILP) and his fellow students on his Bachelor film at the THE ANIMATION WORKSHOP in Denmark.


Adrian Dexter and a very talented team of fellow students have just completed Vaesen, their 2012 Bachelor film project for The Animation Workshop.

Vaesen is a great project for two reasons. It’s a visually lush, fantastically animated film with an absolutely perfect soundtrack. When I chatted with Adrian about the thinking that went into the film, he had this to say:

Visually Vaesen is inspired by Harry Clarke, Ivan Bilibin, Arthur Rackham, and Edmund Dulac. The backgrounds are also heavily inspired by 19th century German and Russian landscape painters.

I wanted the film to feel like some forgotten Rankin & Bass cartoon, that a down and out Tarkovsky directed under a moniker, embarrassed by how it turned out.

The score had to be original, but very much an homage to 70′s psych. I enlisted a good friend of mine Nick DiSalvo of the band Elder to score the film. I have done album covers for his band in the past, and we have a good relationship discussing music in visual terms, also we are both obsessed with 70′s Swedish psych master Bo Hansson, and basically just tried to emulate what he had going on, and infuse some of our current influences.

The storytelling is also incredible. Epic, ambiguous, and open ended – Vaesen combines the feel of an epic folktale with a deeper level of mysticism and hermetic symbolism. I love how the Vaesen begins as a seemingly standard epic quest and quickly confounds your expectations by raising questions about the true motivations of the hero and refusing to provide any sort of easy answers. And all of this in a film with no dialog.

Adrian mentions that he was reading a lot of Lord Dunsany and Jorge Luis Borges as he wrote Vaesen, and it absolutely shows through in the finished product. I personally was strongly reminded of the mystical reinterpretation of the folktale that you often see in Miyazaki’s work.

So check out Vaesen. Adrian and the team have also put together a great blog for the project at vaesen-film.blogspot.com that has lots of behind the scenes and process information.
Adrian Dexter: Director, Story, Backgrounds, Editing, Sound, Compositing, CG Artist
Birk Von Brockdorff: Storyboard, Environment Lead, Layouts, Backgrounds, Rigging, Modeling, CG Artist
Arnold Bagasha: Animatic and Pipeline supervisor, 3D Modeling and Rotoscoping, Backgrounds, CG Artist
Mikkel Vedel Petersen: 2D and 3D Animation, Storyboards
Jody Ghani: Production Designer, Character Design Lead, Technical Art Director, 2D Animation
Drude Mangaard: Art Director, Production Manager, Character Design, 2D Animation

Feb 21

This Crowded Thought | Bernie Roux

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New stop-motion short from AAO director Bernie Roux.


A experimental stop-frame short film made up of more than 900 photographs, shot on a iphone4.
Directed, animated and photographed by Bernie Roux.
Music ‘Goodbye’ from MPLS by Arron Dean

Feb 17

Viking Line | ILP

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New update from Important looking pirates in Stockholm. All hand-painted in photoshop! Beautiful!

We were approached once again by our friends at Åkestam Holst to do another spot for promoting Viking Line’s Cuba themed cruises on the Baltic Sea.

The brief was to create a moving painting to express the buzzing energy of Latino rhythms on a hot summer night. We did a quick shoot capturing the musicians and dancers then placed them on a CG Cuban backdrop to create a canvas for the paint work. We then carefully hand painted each frame of the film to give the authentic textured feel of a moving masterpiece.

The result… a visual display of dancing brush strokes that invite you in from the cold onto the decks of the cruise liner into the world of Cuba. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this little gem from start to finish!



Client: Viking Line

Brand Manager: Per Jute

Project Manager: Merja Haapasaari


Agency: Åkestam Holst

Art Director: Olle Mattson

Copywriter: Calle Lewenhaupt

Account Executive: Jessica Söder

Account Director: Kjell Månsson

Producer: Linus Leander, Twofatboys

Music recorded by: Thomas Eby and Andreas Unge from the band Calle Real.


VFX Supervisor: Yafei Wu

VFX Producer: Magdalena Berglind

Art Director: Adrian Dexter

Lead Compositor: Niklas Nyqvist

Dec 10

Updates! | Stylewar

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New stuff from Swedish directors collective Stylewar.



Nov 15

AIDES ‘Smutley’, winner in Fredrikstad and silver in London

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Big congratulations to AAO for winning Best Nordic Baltic Commissioned Film and for the Silver Silver  TV/Cinema/Online Film
Public Service/Social Welfare
In the London International awards
for AIDES ‘Smutley’


Client: AIDES
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Production Co: Passion
Director: againstallodds
Executive Producer/producer: Josh Thorne
Creatives directors: Niklas Rissler and Kevin Grady
Illustration/Design: Niklas Rissler, Kevin Grady and Johan Idesjö
Animators: Niklas Rissler and Kevin Grady
Compositor: Derek Picken

Nov 09

Statoil | Studio Aka

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Fun and quirky spot with lots of CG from Studio AKA for Statoil.  One wishes only these kind of fun projects could stay in Scandinavia or Norway at least.


A stunning 60 second spot, Directed by Studio AKA’s David Prosser for the Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil. Commissioned by McCann Oslo, the piece is a magical combination of 3d animation with traditional 2d line work and beautifully artworked elements.

Set to music composed by Johann Johansson (of VARMINTS fame), the piece is set in a girl’s bedroom at storytime. As the father tells his story, his daughter starts her fantasy adventure on a journey through an animated underwater world to find treasure. The story ends back in her bedroom as the father says good night.

Client: Statoil
Agency: McCann Oslo
Director & Designer: David Prosser
Sound Design: David Kamp
Music composer: Johann Johansson
Produced by Studio aka

Oct 31

Paranorman | Laika

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The follow up to Coraline from Laika. A stop-motion comedy/thriller titled ParaNorman, due out in August of 2012. Here’s the first trailer, in which we meet Norman, the only kid in town who can communicate with the zombies overrunning the city.