Sep 05

Jay Z – “Hello Brooklyn” | Greg Solenström

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Jay-Z – “Hello Brooklyn” (Marvin Gaye sample).

A tribute to New York, Brooklyn and Jay-Z made by Greg Solenström.  It’s amazing what you could do with talent,passion and a bit of time (i guess).  This music video all done with still photography shot on Nikon D70s (50mm – f1.8, 16mm – f3.5) & iPhone 3Gs and Adobe Photoshop & Adobe After Effects.

Check out more of Greg’s work at vimeo and at Greg’s homepage.

Don’t forget to watch the behind scenes.

[vodpod id=Video.3967854&w=425&h=350&fv=]

[vodpod id=Video.3967852&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Sep 03

Panama | SVT

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The 22nd of September 20.30 in SVT 2 Thomas Gylling kicks off Panama, his tv show with the latest trends visual communication.

Read more below (in swedish)  or at facebook

Panama är SVT:s nya magasin för visuell kommunikation.

Med Thomas Gylling i spetsen kommer Panamas redaktion botanisera bland älskvärt och tankeväckande material ur den digitala djungeln. Det blir nyskapande och rolig videokonst, reklam, musik och härliga effekter.- Upplevelseindustrin är ju ett stort begrepp.

I Panama siktar vi in oss på några aktuella fenomen och trender och sätter en ära i att vara generösa med klipp och ögonlyx, säger Thomas Gylling.Panama görs av produktionsbolaget Chimney Pot på uppdrag av Sveriges Television.

Medarbetare: Programledare och redaktör: Thomas Gylling Producent: Stina Lütz Webbproducent: Kalle Axelman Redaktion: Sebastian Gröndahl, Karl Wettre, Renato Olivares, Nicolai Zellmani, David Kristensson, Stina Schedwin, Albin Åkesson, Florian Mosca, Stephan Walfridsson, Adam Svanell

Grafik: Andreas Wicklund och Sigfrid Söderberg Kaktus

3D-effekter: Sean Kalamgi och Richard Thorsson

Webbdesign: Adrian Tomic och Martin Kåberg

VD Chimney Pot: Henric Larsson

Konceptutvecklare SVT: Sebastian Suarez-Golborne

Projektledare SVT: Per Rådelius

Ansvarig utgivare: Mathias Engstrand

viaPanama – Panama är här!.

Sep 01

important looking pirates | Canalplus.

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Another brilliant soccer tvc for Canal+ and La liga from ILP.



ILP Team:
VFX Producer: Niklas Jacobson
VFX team: Dongjoo Artursson, Niklas Nyqvist, Sigurd Fernström

important looking pirates | Canalplus..

Aug 31

Nordisk Film Post Production will close 2011..

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A sad announcement.

Nordisk Film Post Production in Stockholm closes in the end of 2011, announces Nordisk Film in Denmark. The reason is the last years downhill market for analog film services and film developing services in Sweden. NFPP will focus their digital development to their existing facilities in Denmark. Their analog services will be done by Nordisk Film Shortcut in Copenhagen, which will handle all NFPP service in Scandinavia.

Read more in Swedish.

Nordisk Film Post Production läggs ner – Filmnyheterna – nyheter, analys, debatt om film och filmbranschen.

Aug 27

Alice in Wonderland | Henrik Fält

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Weekend inspiration, a few days I watched Alice in Wonderland on blu-ray with my kids and as always beautiful work from Tim Burton.

Found one Swede working on it. Henrik Fält as  effects animation technical director at  SPI.  Great work Henrik!

Here are some articles and interviews about Alice in Wonderland.




In this interview we focus on the Red Queen shots by talking to Carey Villegas, one of Imageworks’ visual effects supervisors on the film.

Mike Seymour, John Flowers and Ian Failes discuss the visual effects of the 2010 feature film “Alice in Wonderland” and 3D extraction from 2D film.”

Download vfxs097 here

the vfx show » vfxs097: Alice in Wonderland.

Aug 26

Moomins and the Comet Chase

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Moomins and the Comet Chase is the latest film about the moomin trolls. This time it will be released in stereoscopic 3D.. Produced in our eastern neighbor Finland by Filmkompaniet.

watch the music video from Björk -The Comet Chase Song


Watch the trailer.


Aug 16

Wages In VFX, Animation, And Games -VFX Digital Artists Guild

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Interesting update from the Visual FX Digital Artists Guild about wages in the US, and yes I know, we are far from that level of amount of money.

Have a look at the google spreadsheet of wages, companies from vfx soldier

VFX and Animation Salaries

August 16, 2010, 8:25 am

There’s some really good information available on-line regarding salaries in the VFX and Animation industries if you know where to look. Artist often suffer from vast information asymmetry when entering negotiations. Your manager knows exactly how much artists at your facility make but chances are you have no idea. Your manager probably has a discretionary budget for raises and salaries for the year and quite possibly makes a bonus based on the amount of this budget remaining at the end of the year so they have a personal interest in keeping wages and raises as low as possible. The best way to level the playing field and eliminate the information asymmetry is to talk openly with your co-workers about their salaries. People are often reluctant to do this, so perhaps an anonymous poll at your workplace would feel more appropriate. In addition, there are several on-line resources for wage information.

There’s a wealth of wage information on-line if you know where to look. Hopefully the information below will help you in your next negotiation.

VFX Soldier’s Wage Information Spreadsheet

VFX Soldier has a good article about wages and salaries in the VFX and animation industries.

By law, wage information for non-U.S. citizens working under H1-B visas must be publicly disclosed. The data is usually a couple of years behind but still relevant. The most recent searchable data on-line is from 2008 but the 2009 data may be downloaded. The Animation Guild posts their annual wage surveys. Web sites such as vfxConnection post the results of their independent wage polls. Executive compensation is a matter of public record for public companies or companies filing for IPO.

Search the on-line H1-B database at the FLC Data Center

The Animation Guild (TAG) 2010 wage survey

The web site VFXwages is devoted to tracking wages in the VFX industry

vfxConnection has a user poll of rates. You need to register an account with them to access the information

Regarding executives, if the company is public or has tried to go public, the salaries of the company officers must be published by the SEC and can be found in the SEC EDGAR database.

  • It can be a bit difficult to navigate for first time users so these tips should help with EDGAR:
  1. Enter the company name and hit the “find companies” button.
  2. If the company is already public, find their prospectus under form “8-K”. If the company has filed for and IPO but is not yet public, look for a filing under form “S-1a”
  3. Look under the heading “Executive Compensation”.

Wages In VFX, Animation, And Games – Google Dokument.

  • Here’s an example of Digital Domain’s S-1a filing from 2007 when they attempted to go public.
  • Aug 11

    Bubble butt | Niklas Rissler

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    A very funny animation from animation-professional/director/creative Niklas Rissler at Againstallodds.


    When your child can’t yet crawl, how the hell do they move from one side of the room to the other? Here’s one theory….

    Jun 24

    Redrum – Showreel – 2010 | . REDRUM POSTPRODUCTION

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    New showreel for 2010 with lot of nice work from Redrum post

    [vodpod id=Video.3884352&w=425&h=350&]

    Jun 19

    Caixa | . REDRUM

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    A new tvc for CAIXA in the same frozen moment style as “philips Carousel”.

    [vodpod id=Video.3852672&w=425&h=350&]

    more about “Caixa | . REDRUM “, posted with vodpod
    Client Caixa
    Title Caixa Mais
    Director Niklas Hansen
    Production Company Still
    Agency Young & Rubicam
    Post Producer Martin Sjöström
    Flame Artist Markus Lundqvist
    Compositors Håkan Johansson, Daniela Gonzales
    3D Artists Samuel Schulthess, Robert Landes
    Freelance VFX Supervisor Oskar Wahlberg
    Freelance David Strindberg, Andreas Cronström