Jul 06

Magoo is looking for a 3D-generalist!

Magoo is hiring a 3D-generalist

We are looking for a super-talented 3D generalist. The ideal candidate has strong visual design skills with broad knowledge in 3D (modelling, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering) The complete package basically.

Our pipeline is built around 3dsmax and V-Ray, compositing in Nuke and After Effects.

It is a merit if you have experience in these applications.

Professional experience in the business is a plus, so is Maxscript- and Python knowledge.

Employment is permanent as staff.

mail your application



May 29

ARAG – “Miethai” – commercial | GBK

ARAG – “Miethai” – commercial

New commercial work from GBK

Director: Claas Ortmann
Production company: Big Fish
Agency: Fluent
VFX by Goodbye Kansas
Executive Producers: Petra Monheim, Claes Dietmann
Producers: Johan Edström. Wiebke Warndorf
Creative Director, Animation Supervisor and On set Supervisor: Rickard Engqvist
CGI Supervisor, Lookdev Artist and Lighter: Erika Johansson
Concept Modeler: Erik Hallberg
Concept Modeler and Fur Groomer: Sandra Isaksson
Modeler and Rigger: Magnus Eriksson
Lookdev Artist: Alexis Andersson
Rigger: Riham Toulan
Lead Animator: Jonas Forsman
Lead Compositing Artists: Karl Rydhe, Martin Borell
Concept Designers: Patrick Bandau, Mikael Eriksson
Lighter: Andreas Leijon
Tracking: Borja A. Ortiz, Magnus Andersson
On-Line Supervisor and Assistant VFX Sup on set: Finn Jäger
Coordinator: Alexander Darell
Physical props: Niklas Hermansson / Fixas


Apr 27

Cinesite Lost in space breakdown

Cinesite Lost in space breakdown



Cinesite reunited with VFX producer Terron Pratt, ultimately delivering over 160 VFX shots split over 4 episodes for the updated Lost in Space series, a Legendary Television production for Netflix. Stranded light years from their destination, the Robinson family must come together to survive. A new drama series based on the 1990s sci-fi classic.
Cinesite VFX Supervisor Aymeric Perceval led the team on the sci-fi drama which premiered worldwide on Netflix in 2018.

Apr 18

Jurassic World – Fallen kingdom

Final trailer with some great shots from

The VFX are made by:
Industrial Light & Magic (VFX Supervisors: Alex Wuttke and Alex Wang)
Important Looking Pirates (VFX Supervisor: Pietro Ponti)
Image Engine (VFX Supervisor: Dave Morley)
One of Us (VFX Supervisor: Oliver Cubbage)
El Ranchito (VFX Supervisor: Felix Berges)
Nvizible (VFX Supervisor: James Fleming)
Outpost VFX (VFX Supervisor: Andy Burrow)

The Production VFX Supervisor is David Vickery.

Director: J.A. Bayona
Release Date: 22 June 2018 (USA)

Jan 11

“Along With The Gods – The Two Worlds” | GBK

GBK has made some heavy contribution to the Korean box office hit ALONG WITH THE GODS – THE TWO WORLDS.

VFX Supervisors: Staffan Linder, Cameron Scott
VFX Executive Producer: Tom Olsson
VFX Producers: Hanna Bengtsson, Johan Edström
VFX Coordinator: Jóna Karen Wedholm

Lead Modeler: Daniel Bystedt
Lead Environment Modeler: Erik Hallberg
Environment Modelers: Gustav Alexandersson, Magnus Andersson, Pétur Arnórsson, Josef Bergström, David Birgersson, David Karlstrand, Philip Sandström, Joel Sundberg, Frans Åkerman
Creature Modelers: Magnus Eriksson, Andreas Leijon, Adam Sacco, Brett Sinclair

Lead Rigging and Cloth TD: Jimmy Johansson
Rigging TD: Peter Jemstedt, Agnes Lindsten, Mattias Nyberg
Junior Rigging TD: Jonathan Enström, Lukas McBride
Cloth TD: Ludvig Eliasson

Lead Lookdev Artist: Rodrigo Vivedes
Lead Environment Lookdev Artist: Alexis Andersson
Environment Lookdev Artists: Magnus Andersson, Josef Bergström, Johan Gabrielsson, Erika Johansson, David Karlstrand, Oscar Lilja
Lookdev Artists: Mario Baldi, Karl Elf, Sean Kalamgi, Mikael Ovesson
Creature Lookdev: Jesper Bardhamre, Sebastian Grease, Anders Nyman, Adam sacco, Brett Sinclair, Frans Åkerman

Lead Animators: Staffan Linder, Fredrik Olsson, Christina Sidoti
Animators: Raoul Cacciamani, Jonas Ekman, Jonas Forsman, David Hall, Larry Ruppel, Jonathan Skifs, Laura Trespoli, Paul Wei

Lead Lighting and Rendering Artists: Hannes Drossel, Rodrigo Vivedes
Lighting and Rendering Artists: Alexis Andersson, Johan Gabrielsson, Erika Johansson, Sean Kalamgi, Oscar Lilja, Mikael Ovesson, Manuel Riedl, Vincent Thomas, Martin Widö

Lead FX Artists: Filip Orrby, Simon Rainersson, Martin Widö
FX and FX Build: David Vestin
FX Artists: Ludvig Jonsson, Chris Judkins, Sebastian Kowalski, Jacob Moilanen, Joakim Olsson, Max Öberg
FX Intern: Joakim Matsson

Lead Compositors: Andreas Cronström, Daniel Norlund, Karl Rydhe
Compositors: Sven Ahlström, Alex Balmer, Peter Blomstrand, Kathya Dahlbeck, Mihai Dumbravescu, Alexander Eriksson, Jacopo Fant, Calle Granström, Tim Harrysson, Denys Holovyanko, Fredrik Höglin, Petter Ideström, Hrafn Jónsson, Edu León, Zebastian Lilja, Liz Lyons, Richard Lyons, Fredrik Mannerfelt, Simon Martinsson, Teo Mathlein, Hannah Myllyoja, David Nelin, Tomas Näslund, Mattias Sandelius, Elise Smulova, Richard Sällqvist, Max Wester, Carl-Johan Westregård, Robin Zeijlon,
Compositing Intern: Liv Malmström
Editor and I/O: Henrik Klein

DMP and Concept Artist: Mikael Widegren
Concept Artists: Daniel Bystedt, Mikael Eriksson, Kait Kybar

Lead Pipeline Engineer: Erik Johansson
Pipeline Engineers: Thomas Ericsson, Max Erlandsson, Emil Ferdinandsson, Joakim Johansson

Motion Capture Executive producer: Anton Söderhäll
Motion Capture Supervisor & Line Producer: Samuel Tyskling
Motion Capture Lead: David Grice
Motion Capture Operator & Stage Manager: Marko Marinkovic
Motion Capture Artist: Nils Aulin
Production Assistant: Oskar Olsson
Stunt Coordinator: Seth Ericson
Performance Artists: Karin Floengård, Johan Lindqvist, Tim Man, Eos Karlsson, Martin Zetterlund