Dec 24

Channel ID MAX “Electroglide” – Dallas Sthlm

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Merry Christmas to all!

Another nice ID for MAX in Norway by Dallas Sthlm.


Channel ID for Norwegian TV-channel “MAX”.
Designed and produced by Dallas Sthlm.

Oct 21

Svenska NY Fruar | Lillasyster

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A transformer-inspired Opening for the Swedish Tv-Show Svenska New York Fruar. The crew at Lillasyster produktion thought of coming up with at procedural solution but ended up animating it all by hand.

Software used:
Autodesk Softimage and After Effects

[vodpod id=Video.4704999&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Svenska NY Fruar , posted with vodpod


Meter Film & television
Production Company:
Lillasyster Produktion
Mikael Pettersén
Erik Buchholtz
Sep 23

TEDx trailer Amsterdam

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Nice.. Inspiration, clever…


TEDxAmsterdam 2010 takes place on November 30th. Here’s the trailer.

Agency: +1 (
Direction: Martijn Hogenkamp
Assistant director: Cas Prins
Production: Marcel Vrieswijk, Cas Prins, Geert Jansen
D.O.P.: Ype Poortinga, Cas Prins
Cast: Cas, Geert, Marcel, Marjolein, Ype, Senayt, Sara
3D: Tim van der Wiel
Sound design: Kloaq
Special thanks to Schram Studios & Cam-Unit

Sep 18

Skånefruar | Dallas

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New vignette for Kanal 5 Skånefruar, designed by Dallas sthlm 3D and 2D by

PACO – Primal animation company.


Kanal5 decided to challenge the succesful Swedish Hollywood Wives on TV3. Executive Producer Carina Carlsson digged deep in the fertile Skåne-soil and found a well kept treasure. Skånefruar (Wives of Skåne) runs for only four episodes but these will surely be stacked with joy (and indecency). We flew down south, rigged up a mobile green screen and shot intensely for one day. Given only 4 seconds each, Nancy, Christina, Angela, Vera and Maria made it crystal clear why they undisputably rule the southern regions of our country – We came back to Stockholm brokenhearted but on the other hand with 30 secs of great material. We designed and produced logo & graphc manual, opening sequence, breakbumpers and all the other bits and pieces that make up a worthy on-air design package.

Sep 09

Updates from Stripe

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New stuff from Stripe in Norway with Swede Martin Klint.

Kulturstripa for NRK – Promo

Happy Days med Jan Thomas – Intro, Bumpers, graphics

Amandaprisen – Intro, Bumpers, graphics

Amandaprisen – Presentation

Sep 03

Panama | SVT

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The 22nd of September 20.30 in SVT 2 Thomas Gylling kicks off Panama, his tv show with the latest trends visual communication.

Read more below (in swedish)  or at facebook

Panama är SVT:s nya magasin för visuell kommunikation.

Med Thomas Gylling i spetsen kommer Panamas redaktion botanisera bland älskvärt och tankeväckande material ur den digitala djungeln. Det blir nyskapande och rolig videokonst, reklam, musik och härliga effekter.- Upplevelseindustrin är ju ett stort begrepp.

I Panama siktar vi in oss på några aktuella fenomen och trender och sätter en ära i att vara generösa med klipp och ögonlyx, säger Thomas Gylling.Panama görs av produktionsbolaget Chimney Pot på uppdrag av Sveriges Television.

Medarbetare: Programledare och redaktör: Thomas Gylling Producent: Stina Lütz Webbproducent: Kalle Axelman Redaktion: Sebastian Gröndahl, Karl Wettre, Renato Olivares, Nicolai Zellmani, David Kristensson, Stina Schedwin, Albin Åkesson, Florian Mosca, Stephan Walfridsson, Adam Svanell

Grafik: Andreas Wicklund och Sigfrid Söderberg Kaktus

3D-effekter: Sean Kalamgi och Richard Thorsson

Webbdesign: Adrian Tomic och Martin Kåberg

VD Chimney Pot: Henric Larsson

Konceptutvecklare SVT: Sebastian Suarez-Golborne

Projektledare SVT: Per Rådelius

Ansvarig utgivare: Mathias Engstrand

viaPanama – Panama är här!.

May 18

Fox Sports ”id 2010″ | ILPVFX

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Together with the guys at Fox Sports Design ILP created multiple versions of the new Fox Sports Id.

have a look!

Fox Sports

“id 2010”

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): Eric Markgraf
SVP/ Creative Director: Robert Gottlieb
VP: Bill Battin
Creative Director: Blake Danforth
Producer: Keith Hritz
Flame: Kevin Prendiville
ILP Team:
VFX Supervisor: Yafei Wu
VFX Producer: Frida Färlin
VFX team: Daniel Rådén, Bobo Skipper, Niklas Nyqvist, Niklas Ström, Sebastian Rosso, Jonas Andersson, Patrik Wedinger, Björn Malmgren
Apr 16

Royal wedding vignette | Milford

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Milford has finished the 1st graphics package out of 3 for “The Swedish royal wedding” program running on Swedish public service channel SVT.  The 1st vignette and bumpers was successfully completed in less than two weeks, and compiled from stock footage, stills and 3D. All 3D and post done by Milford


Also have a look at Milfords new youtube channel.

YouTube – milfordfilmanimation’s Channel.

Apr 15

Dallas Sthlm | Greetings from Downtownville

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Greetings from Downtownville

Dallas have finalized a series of three idents with sponsorship tag-ons for TvNorge.

Watch them below.



Dallas Sthlm Communication | Greetings from Downtownville.

Apr 07

Kanal 9 | Visual art

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Visual Art has produced an ident for Kanal 9, showing off the diversity of the channel. It’s also been nominated for a Promax-award. Enjoy!

title: So much more
client: Kanal9
director: Victor Zepeda (Kanal 9)
prod.manager: Sara Stjernström
compositing: Andreas Cronström
grading: Johan Rimér