Feb 16

17th Annual VES Awards | Visual Effects Society

Big congratulations to the ILP teams winning 4 VES, just amazing and congrats to all other winners and nominees.

Lost in Space; Impact; Crash Site Rescue
  • David Wahlberg
  • Douglas Roshamn
  • Sofie Ljunggren
  • Fredrik Lönn


Lost in Space; Danger, Will Robinson
  • Jabbar Raisani
  • Terron Pratt
  • Niklas Jacobson
  • Joao Sita


Lost in Space; Pilot; Impact Area
  • Philip Engström
  • Kenny Vähäkari
  • Jason Martin
  • Martin Bergquist


Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan; Pilot
  • Erik Henry
  • Matt Robken
  • Bobo Skipper
  • Deak Ferrand
  • Pau Costa Moeller

Check out some nice images from the night as well

17th Annual VES Awards

Source: 17th Annual VES Awards | Visual Effects Society

Apr 27

Cinesite Lost in space breakdown

Cinesite Lost in space breakdown



Cinesite reunited with VFX producer Terron Pratt, ultimately delivering over 160 VFX shots split over 4 episodes for the updated Lost in Space series, a Legendary Television production for Netflix. Stranded light years from their destination, the Robinson family must come together to survive. A new drama series based on the 1990s sci-fi classic.
Cinesite VFX Supervisor Aymeric Perceval led the team on the sci-fi drama which premiered worldwide on Netflix in 2018.