Aug 20

Comhem | Visual art

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New tvc for Comhem for their highspeed broadband connection, directed by Swedish directing collective Traktor. Postproduction, vfx by Visual art.


Client: Com Hem
Agency: King
Director: Traktor
Producer: Anders Gernandt
Production Company: The Producers
Postproduction: Visual Art
Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Art Director: Gustaf Holmsten
3D: Pontus Ekstrand, Henrik Eklundh, Jonas Skoog, Jonas Ekman, Viktoria Anselm, Lars Wahlman
2D: Peter Blomstrand, Calle Granström, Erik Lindgren
Music: Mattias “Tengan” Tegnér
Sound design: Stopp

Aug 14

Toyota Aygo sponsor billboards | AAO + Mad crew

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New sponsor billboards for Toyota Aygo with character animation and vfx and postproduction from Mad crew.


Client: Toyota, U.K.Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London
Director: againstallodds
Creative Director: Kevin Grady
Producer: Fritte Colliander
Animation and postproduction: Mad Crew
Live Action: Passion Pictures
Passion Pictures Producer: Adriana Piasek-Wanski
Aug 09

Avatar sequels will shoot VFX in real time

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Next step?

Worth a mention – 08/09/12
Avatar Sequels Will Shoot VFX in Real Time

( Lightstorm Entertainment, the production company for James Cameron and Avatar, will be partnering with the visual effects company Weta Digital and software developer Autodesk to make brand new virtual production technology for the upcoming sequels to the hit movie Avatar.

The new software will reportedly combine the use of digital assets in an interactive environment. This will apparently allow for quicker creative decisions regarding visual FX on-set. This will be the most streamlined version of the technology than ever utilized before previously.

According to Cameron, “Creating the virtual production pipeline on Avatar was a groundbreaking process that only enabled us to scratch the surface of what is possible.” He also added, “Together with Autodesk and Weta Digital, we have used the knowledge gained from this first experience to clearly define the ideal process and then develop the technology needed to streamline our workflow. With the resulting pipeline, on the Avatar sequels, I will be able to devote more of my energy to the creative side of the moviemaking process, and dig deeper into all that is possible with virtual production.”

The second, third, and fourth installments in the Avatar franchise will begin shooting simultaneously in the

Jul 28

Ted-ed | Cinematic

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Nice educational animation about sea turtles.

Watch the miraculous journey of infant sea turtles as these tiny animals run the gauntlet of predators and harsh conditions. Then, in numbers, see how human behavior has made their tough lives even more challenging.

Lesson by Scott Gass, animation by Veronica Wallenberg and Johan Sonestedt.



Jul 02

Vodafone Handset | AAO + Milford

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Yet another great film from Againstallodds and CG -production by Milford for Vodafone handset, the sixth film in the series about the bees.


Against All Odds: Vodafone

Client: Vodafone U.K.
Agency: Rainey Kelly, London
Director: againstallodds
Creative Director: Derek Picken
Producer: Fritte Colliander
Animation and postproduction: Milford
Live Action: Passion Pictures
Passion Pictures Producer: Adriana Piasek-Wanski

Jun 24

Emil Sellström | Mtv night videos

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Brilliant stuff from Emil Sellström for MTV night videos.


Music / Sound design: Kungen & Hertigen.
Idea, direction, animation and production: Emil Sellström / MTV
Client: MTV

Jun 16

Hallmark – Motherbird | The Mill NY

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Great breakdown for Hallmarks “Motherbird” by the Mill NY.


The Mill Visual Effects Studio shares the Behind the Scene of award-winning spot for Hallmark, “Motherbird”

Directed by The Mill NY’s Yann Mabille, The team enters the very private life of a mother Robin raising her only chick. The team was able to recreate specific moments that conveyed human emotion so that the viewer would easily identify and feel compassion for the birds.

Jun 13

Corny | Fido

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Corny but fun tvc with a rabbit-ish creature made by Fido.


The assignment was to create a character that would fit the title of the film: “Bizarre in a bar“ and himself fit inside a chocolate bar. So we created a highly unlikely spokesperson for Corny in this viral: a seductive and slightly overweight german rabbit with a taste for dancing.

Agency: Fitzroy, Amsterdam
Production Company: We Are Will, Amsterdam
Director: Maikel van der Laken

VFX: Fido
Creative Director: Kaj Steveman
Producer: Nils Lagergren
Line Producer: Anders Singstedt
On-set supervision: Pontus Albrecht
Character Concept & Design: Marcus Forsberg
Modeling: Magnus Eriksson
Rigging: Magnus Eriksson, Cameron Scott, Staffan Linder
Lookdev & Fur: Anders Nyman
Animation: Staffan Linder, Rickard Engqvist
Lighting: Anders Nyman
Compositing: Daniel Norlun
VFX Editor: Linda Öhlund,