Feb 16

17th Annual VES Awards | Visual Effects Society

Big congratulations to the ILP teams winning 4 VES, just amazing and congrats to all other winners and nominees.

Lost in Space; Impact; Crash Site Rescue
  • David Wahlberg
  • Douglas Roshamn
  • Sofie Ljunggren
  • Fredrik Lönn


Lost in Space; Danger, Will Robinson
  • Jabbar Raisani
  • Terron Pratt
  • Niklas Jacobson
  • Joao Sita


Lost in Space; Pilot; Impact Area
  • Philip Engström
  • Kenny Vähäkari
  • Jason Martin
  • Martin Bergquist


Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan; Pilot
  • Erik Henry
  • Matt Robken
  • Bobo Skipper
  • Deak Ferrand
  • Pau Costa Moeller

Check out some nice images from the night as well

17th Annual VES Awards

Source: 17th Annual VES Awards | Visual Effects Society

Apr 27

Cinesite Lost in space breakdown

Cinesite Lost in space breakdown



Cinesite reunited with VFX producer Terron Pratt, ultimately delivering over 160 VFX shots split over 4 episodes for the updated Lost in Space series, a Legendary Television production for Netflix. Stranded light years from their destination, the Robinson family must come together to survive. A new drama series based on the 1990s sci-fi classic.
Cinesite VFX Supervisor Aymeric Perceval led the team on the sci-fi drama which premiered worldwide on Netflix in 2018.

Mar 07


Check out this beautiful trailer from upcoming Netflix series Lost in Space.
Lots of cool shots from Important Looking Pirates (VFX Supervisor: Niklas Jacobson),BUF,Cinesite (VFX Supervisor: Aymeric Perceval),El Ranchito,The Embassy,Image Engine (VFX Supervisor: Joao Sita),Mackevision,Rhythm & Hues,
Trixter (VFX Supervisor: Michael Wortmann),