Dec 08

The short list for the Best Visual Effects Oscars

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The Oscars: VFX Short list


The short list for the Best Visual Effects Oscars have being announced!

Here is the short list for Visual Effects:

  • IRON MAN 3

Missing something?

Oct 07

Best VFX and Animation category nominations | Roy

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So the Swedish ROY-gala is getting closer. The nominations are released:

In the  VFX category:

Pixels – VFX by Important Looking pirates.

Lotto – VFX by STOPP

Everyday simplified – VFX på Important looking pirates and Hobbyfilm

In the animation category:

Ancient Invention – Animation by Naive

Sony wonderbook trailer –  Visual art

Compilation – Hobbyanimation

Check out all the nominees:


Jan 21

Guldbaggen 2013

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Now on SVT1 –  Watch the Swedish film gala Guldbaggen. 

In the Best visual effect category we have the following nominees.

Isdraken. Foto: Lena Lahti


Jan 08

11th Annual VES Awards Nominations | VES

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Our own “Oscars” has been nominated.









Three Swedes has been nominated :

Robert Sethi –  Call of Duty:  Surprise

in Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial



Mattias Forsström – Total Recall: Hover Car Chase 

in Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture


Adam Berg – Toyota: Real Deal 

in Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Commercial or Broadcast Program



Read the full list at VES.

Good luck to all nominees..

Oct 25

Roy awards winners.

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The swedish ROY awards winners from yesterday. Big congratulations to all!

Againstallodds in the animation category



Chimney pot for Lotto-mannen i the vfx category


Oct 02

Ves honours founders award | Carl Rosendahl

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Great transcript from the ves awards and the speech from Carl Rosendahl, founder of pdi.
Here’s the full list of VES honours throughout the years
Lifetime Achievement Award

George Lucas (2004)
Robert Zemeckis (2005)
Dennis Muren (2007)
Steven Spielberg (2008)
Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall (2009)
James Cameron (2010)
Ray Harryhausen (2011)
Stan Lee (2012)

Melies Award

Bob Abel (2005)
John Lasseter (2006)
Phil Tippett (2009)
Ed Catmull (2010)
Douglas Trumbull (2012)

Visionary Award

Christopher Nolan (2011)

BOD Award

Tom Atkin (2004)
Don Shay (2005)
Jim Morris (2006)

Honorary Memberships

Ray Harryhausen (1998)
Albert Whitlock (1998)
Linwood Dunn (1998)
Peter Ellenshaw (1998)
Douglas Trumbull (2002)
George Lucas (2007)
John Dykstra (2007)
Matthew Yuricich (2010)

Lifetime Memberships

Ray Harryhausen (2007)
Dennis Muren (2007)
Jim Morris (2007)
Harrison Ellenshaw (2007)
Bill Taylor (2007)
Douglas Trumbull (2009)

Founders Award

Jonathan Erland (2006)
Harrison Ellenshaw (2007)
Ray Feeney (2008)
Bill Taylor (2009)
Jim Morris (2010)
Mark Stetson (2011)
Carl Rosendahl (2012)

VES Fellows

Dennis Muren (2010)
Doug Trumbull (2010)
Jonathan Erland (2010)
Ed Catmull (2012)
Richard Edlund (2012)
Ray Feeney (2012)
Carl Rosendahl (2012)
Mark Stetson (2012)
Bill Taylor (2012)
Phil Tippett (2012)

Sep 16

Creative Arts Emmy Winners | Fxguide

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This years winners in the VFX category @ the Emmy Awards

Outstanding Special Visual Effects

Game Of Thrones • Valar Morghulis • HBO • Bighead, Littlehead, Generator Productions, Television 360, and Grok Television in association with HBO Entertainment
Rainer Gombos, Lead Visual Effects Supervisor
Juri Stanossek, Visual Effects Supervisor
Sven Martin, Animation Lead
Steve Kullback, Lead Visual Effects Producer
Jan Fiedler, Visual Effects Producer
Chris Stenner, Lead Animator
Tobias Mannewitz, Visual Effects Concept Artist
Thilo Ewers, Environment Lead
Adam Chazen, Visual Effects Coordinator


Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Supporting Role

Boardwalk Empire • Georgia Peaches • HBO • Leverage, Closest to the Hole Productions, Sikelia Productions and Cold Front Productions in association with HBO Entertainment
Dave Taritero, VFX Supervisor
Robert Stromberg, VFX Designer
Richard Friedlander, VFX Producer
Eran Dinur, VFX Supervisor
David W. Reynolds, Compositing Supervisor
Matthew Conner, Digital Matte Painter
Austin Meyers, Digital Compositor
Jonathan Dorfman, 3D Artist
Steve Kirshoff, Special Effects Supervisor


Outstanding Commercial

Best Job • Procter & Gamble Corporate Brand
Wieden + Kennedy, Ad Agency
Anonymous Content, Production Company


Outstanding Main Title Design

Great Expectations (Masterpiece) • PBS • A BBC Productions / Masterpiece Co-Production
Nic Benns, Title Designer
Rodi Kaya, 3D Atrist
Tom Bromwich, Titles Producer