May 19

Cgsociety – Kon-tiki special

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Check out this special Cgsociety article about Kon-tiki from ILP and Storm Studios

May 18

FMX talk Niklas Jacobson | ILP

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If you missed Niklas Jacobson’s talk Kon Tiki: Real-Life Graphics for Real-Life Heroes at the FMX. Check it out here.


May 14

Apoteket – BTS | Fido

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Great behind the scenes from Fido on their tvc for swedish pharmacy with Aliens.

 A look on how Fido created the aliens for the Apoteket commercial, where a young boy is abducted by curious aliens. Fido designed the aliens and did both practical and digital effects, including set extensions and digital enhancement of the alien masks.


Agency: Esteban
VFX: Fido
VFX Producer: Claes Dietmann
Creative Director: Kaj Steveman
Creature Concept Design: Marcus Forsberg
Character make-up and Mask: Kaj Steveman, Oskar Wallroth
Character Costume: Linnea Hermansson
Mattepaintings: Marcus Forsberg
Compositing: Fredrik Höglin, Pontus Albrecht, Martin Borell, Tomas Näslund, Karl Rydhe
Online/Grading & production of BTS video: Linda Öhlund

Apr 24

Niklas Jacobson -ILP live from FMX 25 April 2013, 15:00 – 16:00 UTC

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Watch Niklas Jacobson, co-founder and vfx supervisor @ ILP talk about Kon-tiki.

Kon-Tiki: Real-Life Graphics for
Real-Life Heroes

Kon-Tiki: Real-Life Graphics for Real-Life Heroes

Kon-Tiki: Real-Life Graphics for Real-Life Heroes

Niklas Jacobson, VFX Supervisor & Co-founder,
Important Looking Pirates
25 April 2013, 15:00 – 16:00, Raum Mannheim


Niklas Jacobson, VFX Supervisor and Co-founder of Important Looking Pirates, will provide a look at the techniques and pipeline behind the studio’s stunning visual effects for the Oscar-nominated Norwegian film Kon-Tiki. Niklas will walk through the shots from concept to completion, describing how they approached the film both creatively and technically. He will also reveal some of the exciting new projects ILP has been working on.

Watch it live

Dec 28

Kon-tiki VFX | Fxguide

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Great article about the great vfx work for Kon-tiki from ILP, Fido, Gimpville and Storm studios…


Kon-Tiki: water sims & digital sharks

By Ian Failes

December 28, 2012


Read it:

Nov 25

SKYFALL: Arundi Asregadoo – Superviseur VFX – MPC | art of vfx

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Interview with Arundi Asregadoo – Superviseur VFX – MPC
from Vincent Frei @ art of Vfx.

Nov 13

Seminaries@ Megafront

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New seminaries @ Megafront in Stockholm.

Don’t miss next Wednesday 21st of November when Niklas Jacobson, Vfx supervisor at ILP talks about the fantastic work they did for Kon-tiki.

Introducing guest speaker Simeon Balabanov from Chaos Group’s Creative Specialist Team. Simeon has been working as a 3D artist and digital compositor for over 7 years in several visual studios. He is a new addition to the Chaos Group team, bringing production experience and technical knowledge. He will walk you through key features in V-Ray and Phoenix FD, share the latest product news, as well as answer your questions.


And if you think this is all we are to occupy your time with, brace yourself for a surprise – we are inviting the VFX magicians of the ILP team. They will get you deep into the vast Pacific and the details of their effects shots from the epic “Kon-Tiki” – the coming Norwegian feature film on the legendary ocean journey of Thor Heyerdal in 1947.

Nov 12

Hypnotisören breakdowns | Swiss

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At last some breakdowns from Swiss on the Swedish feature film Hypnotisören, directed by Lasse Hallström.

As usual Swiss shows some invisible and impeccable VFX.




Director: Lasse Hallström

Cinematography: Mattias Montero

Producers: Börje Hanson, Bertil Ohlsson, Peter Possne

Line producer: Serina Björnbom

Co-Producer: Per-Erik Svensson

Efterbearbetningsansvarig: Peter Bengtsson

Visual Effects Producer: Erik Holmedal

Visual Effects Supervisor: Leo Wilk

Visual Effects Coordinator: Adam Wittsell

Lead Digitial Compositor: Johan Vikström

Lead Digitial Matte Painter: Marko Ljubez

Digital Effects Artist: Simon Ekeberg,David Nielsen

R&D Techonology: Niklas Aldergren, Björn Jankes

Visual Effects Editor and Artist: Jon Wesström

Digital Compositor: Markus Bergqvist, Josef Bergström, Mikael Engzell, Thomas Ekenryd ,Mikael Ewald, Marek Jezo,Marcus Krupa, Filip Orrby,Sandra Scholz