May 25

Unravel Outro Cinematic Breakdown – Bläck

Even more nice things from Bläck


May 24

Conan cinematic teaser breakdown – Bläck


Very nice breakdown from Bläck on “Conan Cinematic Teaser”

May 19

ILP – Fisherman’s friend Breakdown

New epic breakdown from the pirates for Fisheman’s Friend.

Have a look.


Apr 11

FIDO – Updates

New stuff from FIDO

Drakhjärta – Swedish tv-series breakdown

Director: Linda-Maria Birbeck & Klas Karterud
Production Company: Mint AB

Fido crew:
Animation Director & VFX Supervisor: Staffan Linder
VFX Producer: Hanna Bengtsson
VFX Executive Producer: Claes Dietmann

Animation: Staffan Linder, Fredrik Olsson, Raoul Cacciamani,
Tracking: Joakim Eriksson
Lighting/3D: Joakim Olsson
Compositing: Jonas Lindfors, Fredrik Höglin, Martin Borell, Sven Ahlström, Mattias Sandelius
Modelling: Magnus Eriksson
Rigging: Peter Jemstedt, Staffan Linder, Magnus Eriksson
Lookdev: Peter Aversten, Joakim Olsson
Mastring Video I/O: Erik Johansson
Character design: Markus Forsberg, & Staffan Linder

Monster Backe – German TVC

Agency: Jung von Matt
Production Company: Cobbelstone
Director: Jesper Ohlsson

Fido crew:
VFX Supervisors: Staffan Linder
VFX Producer: Linda Öhlund
VFX Executive Producer: Claes Dietmann, Petra Monheim
Modeling: Gustav Alexandersson
Rigging: Magnus Eriksson, Cameron Scott
Lookdev: Erika Johansson, Joakim Olsson
Tracking: Joakim Olsson
Animation: Raoul Cacciamani
Lighting: Erika Johansson
Compositing: Martin Borell


Mar 21

Bläck – Updates – Unravel

Some new stuff from Bläck. I can really recommend playing Unravel.

Conan Exiles announcement trailer.



Jan 21

Zombiehagen VFX breakdown

Nice breakdown for zombie short film (I think) from Danish VFX supervisor Jonas Ussing.


Jan 20

Vermintide Breakdown & Casefilm

Cool Breakdown and case studie film from Bläck and imagination studios.


Dec 16

Jordskott, short VFX reel from STOPP/FAMILY

Jordskott was broadcast on Swedish Television during spring of 2015.

The ones involved

Vfx Supervisor/On-set Supervisor: Arvid Björn
Lead CG artist: Arvid Björn
Lead compositor: Victor Sanchez
Senior CG artist: Per Bergstén
Senior CG artist: Robin Erneström
Character animator: Niklas Lundgren
Junior Compositor: Vincent Tseng
Additional compositing: Johan Boije




Nov 29

New work – Bläck + Fido

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Some new goodies from Bläck and from their Sister studio Fido.



Horse breakdown

Bull breakdown

Cat breakdown




Sep 30

How the Everest VFX team scaled new heights | fxguide

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Check out this great article on FXguide with VFX supervisor Dadi Einarsson and insights from the different team involved. One of them ILP.

‘Everest’ called for complicated filming in mountainous locations, and matching photoreal VFX.


Source: How the Everest VFX team scaled new heights | fxguide