Dec 10

LasseMajas Detektivbyrå – Von Broms hemlighet | Storm studios

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Check out stormstudios compositing on Swedish children feature film LasseMajas Detektivbyrå – Von Broms hemlighet.



A few words about the project

PRODUCTION COMPANY:Svensk Filmindustri

DIRECTOR:Walter Söderlund,Pontus Klänge

VFX SUPERVISOR:Morten Moen,Fredrik Pihl


This movie was special because it was filmed entirely in a greenscreen studio. All backgrounds and sets were created digitally, and only the things that the actors interacted with directly were physically present in the studio. Even some things that the actors do interact with were done as digital props and set pieces. Even cars were painted green and replaced with cg versions. The pre-production on this film was long and detailed. Storm Studios was responsible for planning and leading the digital work. The cg was done by the Swedish company Mad Crew, and compositing was done by storm Studios.
All shots were blocked out using the 3d set in advance, and the camera placement and movement was transferred to a motion control camera in the studio. Before each take, a floorplan of the current digital set was projected onto the floor and marked with tape and stand-in green walls, stairs etc so that the actors could navigate the invisible world. The director and dop could see a rough rendition of the set comped live with the actors. This image was also shown on a large monitor visible from the studio so that actors could get a feel for the world they were in.
This was the largest undertaking we have had since we did the animated feature film Free Jimmy, and we are proud to have been part of Scandinavia’s first feature made in this way.

Dec 03

Behind the screenz – ILP at the AREA | Autodesk

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Check out this massive interview with Niklas Jacobson, Vfx supervisor and Co-founder – ILP @ behind the screenz at the AREA- Autodesk.

He talks about ILP’s work on Kon-tiki, their short “The other side” and volumetric renderer Tempest.

If you read carefully you’ll find me as well talking about our work on Kon-tiki.

If that wasn’t enough there is a in depth tutorial/walk through on how ILP created on of the shark shots for Kon-tiki.

Nov 27

Kvinden I Buret (aka “Keeper of lost Causes”) | Ghost

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Very nice breakdown from Ghost in Copenhagen on their work on

Kvinden I Buret (aka “Keeper of lost Causes”)

a short selection of the visual effects we did for “Kvinden i Buret”. The most significant effect in the film is the “poetic” car crash where the interior was shot high-speed on a 360 degree revolving set. The shots were completed with artificial playing card, class splinters and a full 3d background to indicate forward motions and complete the illusion. As additions the movies includes lots of matte painting effects, blood simulation, muzzle flashes and an array of more traditional effects and clean-up. In total approx. 60 shots.

Jun 09

Peter Aversten’s bullets – included at renderman university

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Check out Peter Aversten’s “Bullets Included” . It was originally developed for The Mari Channel, a blog he created, which focuses on texturing and lookdev using Mari and RenderMan. In this project breakdown, he will dive into the differents stages of the production, primarily focusing on lookdev and implementation with RenderMan Studio.

May 18

FMX talk Niklas Jacobson | ILP

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If you missed Niklas Jacobson’s talk Kon Tiki: Real-Life Graphics for Real-Life Heroes at the FMX. Check it out here.


Apr 29

CJ Westregård – artist reel.

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Check Carl-Johan Westregård showreel and exploding car breakdown.



Thanks CJ for the tip! If everyone would send stuff like CJ has done, I would be able to share even more.


Jan 11

God of War: Ascension “Evil Ways” Breakdown | Visual art

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Great breakdown of God of War: Ascension “Evil Ways” Official Multiplayer Trailer from Visual art.


Client: Playstation
Director: Marcus Lundin
Exec. Producer: Dan Svensson
3D lead: Henrik Eklundh
2D lead: Peter Blomstrand/Calle Granström
3D Team: Jonas Skoog, Jonas Ekman, Pontus Ekstrand, 
Viktoria Anselm, Kristian Mårtensson, Lars Wahlman
2D: Erik Lindgren
Sound: RedPipe
Telecine: Mike Cosola, Cinepost
Dec 28

Kon-tiki VFX | Fxguide

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Great article about the great vfx work for Kon-tiki from ILP, Fido, Gimpville and Storm studios…


Kon-Tiki: water sims & digital sharks

By Ian Failes

December 28, 2012


Read it: