May 30


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A new update on the Important looking pirates homepage. This time a nebula shaped as Shakespeare for the BBC and the olympics. Made with Naiad and rendered with ILPs super fast in-house developed volumetric render.


Making of


Agency – Karmarama

  • Creatives: Simon Connor, Stephen Cross


Production Company – Redbee

  • Director: Ben Newman
  • Producer: Joanna Yeldham


Post Production Company – Time Based Arts

  • Producer: Jonathan Davies
  • Flame: Richard Bainbridge, Mike Skrgatic, Matt Wilmshurst, Sheldon Gardner, James Allen
  • Nuke: Matt Shires, Alex Cernogorods.
  • Smoke: Mike Aveling



  • VFX Producer:  Måns Björklund
  • VFX Supervisor: Yafei Wu
  • 3D Lead Artist: Niklas Ström
  • 3D Artists:  Bobo Skipper,  Saleh Najib
  • R&D: Pete Reilley
May 29


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More updates from Important looking pirates in Stockholm.. Nice work all involved!

FSC 2012




Client – Fox soccer
Agency – Fox Sports Marketing

  • CMO: Eric Markgraf
  • SVP/Group Creative Director : Robert Gottlieb
  • VP On-Air Promotions: Bill Battin
  • Creative Director: Matthew Waddell
  • Producer: Lily Lam
  • Edit: Dylan Way
  • Flame Finishing: Thomas Downs
  • Sound Design: Mic Brooling / Chris Fina
  • Design: Ryan Zunkley


  • VFX Producer: Måns Björklund
  • VFX Supervisor: Yafei Wu
  • 3D  Lead Artists: Bobo Skipper, Niklas Ström
  • 3D Artists: Jason Martin, Victor Carlander
  • 2D Artist: Adrian Dexter


Apr 02

Bredbandsbolaget breakdowns | Stopp

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Nice breakdowns of bredbandsbolaget from Stopp. Keep it coming!

Agency Acne Advertising and director Oskar Bård came to Stopp with two
imaginative scripts for the new TVC campaign for Bredbandsbolaget.
After the first meeting everyone agreed that the way to go was to
create a lot of the characters and environment in CG to realize
Oskar’s vision.
The Stopp Vfx team was super stoked to be a part of such a fun

project. CG assets to be created and animated was everything from a

monster with arms like an octopus, to a giant space rocket. All in a
bright Bredbandsbolaget fantasy world.
In close collaboration with The Stopp vfx-team Oskar started to
visualize the script in to pictures and also developed a fighting

choreography. The next step was a test shoot in the studio.

The first choreographed test shoot was later edited in to a first
rough cut. And further developed in to detailed animatics for the two

Bredbandsbolaget – Monstret, breakdown
Bredbandsbolaget – Snabbare än snabbt, breakdown


Bredbandsbolaget – Snabbare än snabbt, progression breakdown


Feb 11

Breakdown + Awards | ILM + Bafta

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Some weekend inspiration from the guru’s at ILM.

The Visual Effects of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”


It is also Bafta night tonight.  The nominees for best VFX are:


THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN – Jamie Beard, Joe Letteri, Keith F. Miller, Wayne Stables
HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2 – Tim Burke, John Richardson, Greg Butler, David Vickery
HUGO – Alex Henning, Rob Legato, Ben Grossmann, Joss Williams
RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES – Daniel Barrett, Joe Letteri, Dan Lemmon, R. Christopher White
WAR HORSE – Ben Morris, Neil Corbould

The winners are announced Sunday 12th around 9pm GMT.

Dec 07

News uploads | Stopp

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An updated reel from Stopp for the Fall 2011. Also plenty of nice breakdowns. Keep it comin Stopp.