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A new “splashing” update from ILPVFX.

ILP has teamed up with Jesper Kouthoofd for this launch campaign for Swedish vitamin drink called “Vitamin Well”. Yet another great fluid experiment from the ILP team.

Vitamin Well:
Marketing Manager: Jimmy Ramstedt
Brand Manager: Catharina Carlsdotter
Lowe Brindfors:
Project Manager: John Öhlin
Production Manager: Kristin Enersen
AD: Rickard Villard
Copy: Stefan Pagreus
Planner: Joakim Wållgren
Graphic design: Jesper Kewenter and Isabel Widén
ILP Team:
VFX Supervisor: Niclas Jacobson
VFX Producer: Frida Färlin
VFX Team: Niklas Ström, Jonas Andersson, Dongjoo Artursson, Sebastian Rosso, Björn Malmgren, Daniel Rådén, Yafei Wu

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