Doritos “Asylum 626” -ILP

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This summer ILP took part in the making of the sequel to B-Reel’s award winning campaign site “Hotel 626” for Doritos. In “Asylum 626” B-Reel took everything a step even further and Important Looking Pirates was hired to do the post production work.

ILP was on set in Lithuania supervising the shoot. We got to be part of a truly dedicated team and had the fortune to see the great sets that were built. Back home we had a big batch of top notch footage and it was a pleasure to start working with it.

The list of effects shots to be done was long, the most complex one being an interactive sequence featuring a full-cg chainsaw. The rest were a variety of shots stretching from creating animated ECG-screens and flickering TV’s to water effects and much more. On top of that we did an extensive amount of colour grading.

Visit if you dare. Not for the faint of heart…

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