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Interesting update from the Visual FX Digital Artists Guild about wages in the US, and yes I know, we are far from that level of amount of money.

Have a look at the google spreadsheet of wages, companies from vfx soldier

VFX and Animation Salaries

August 16, 2010, 8:25 am

There’s some really good information available on-line regarding salaries in the VFX and Animation industries if you know where to look. Artist often suffer from vast information asymmetry when entering negotiations. Your manager knows exactly how much artists at your facility make but chances are you have no idea. Your manager probably has a discretionary budget for raises and salaries for the year and quite possibly makes a bonus based on the amount of this budget remaining at the end of the year so they have a personal interest in keeping wages and raises as low as possible. The best way to level the playing field and eliminate the information asymmetry is to talk openly with your co-workers about their salaries. People are often reluctant to do this, so perhaps an anonymous poll at your workplace would feel more appropriate. In addition, there are several on-line resources for wage information.

There’s a wealth of wage information on-line if you know where to look. Hopefully the information below will help you in your next negotiation.

VFX Soldier’s Wage Information Spreadsheet

VFX Soldier has a good article about wages and salaries in the VFX and animation industries.

By law, wage information for non-U.S. citizens working under H1-B visas must be publicly disclosed. The data is usually a couple of years behind but still relevant. The most recent searchable data on-line is from 2008 but the 2009 data may be downloaded. The Animation Guild posts their annual wage surveys. Web sites such as vfxConnection post the results of their independent wage polls. Executive compensation is a matter of public record for public companies or companies filing for IPO.

Search the on-line H1-B database at the FLC Data Center

The Animation Guild (TAG) 2010 wage survey

The web site VFXwages is devoted to tracking wages in the VFX industry

vfxConnection has a user poll of rates. You need to register an account with them to access the information

Regarding executives, if the company is public or has tried to go public, the salaries of the company officers must be published by the SEC and can be found in the SEC EDGAR database.

  • It can be a bit difficult to navigate for first time users so these tips should help with EDGAR:
  1. Enter the company name and hit the “find companies” button.
  2. If the company is already public, find their prospectus under form “8-K”. If the company has filed for and IPO but is not yet public, look for a filing under form “S-1a”
  3. Look under the heading “Executive Compensation”.

Wages In VFX, Animation, And Games – Google Dokument.

  • Here’s an example of Digital Domain’s S-1a filing from 2007 when they attempted to go public.
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