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New tvc for Tine norwegian Milk products from Fido in Stockholm.  Lot’s of lip-sync on cows, well done Fido.

Our latest lip-sync gig; Talking Norwegian Cows! A fun little project that’s been going on throughout the summer. Two more films were produced and will air shortly. Unfortunately there are no subtitles, but the dialog is quite fun!


Animators: Jonas Forsman, Rickard Engkvist and Staffan Linder
Modeling, TD and rendering: Magnus Eri…ksson, Peter Aversten and Timmy Lundin
Composit: Martin Borell, Mattias Alvarsson, Daniel Nordlund
On-set: Daniel Nordlund, Anders Nyman
Supervisor: Staffan Linder
Line producer: Sara Waldestam and Hanna Bengtsson

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