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New vignette for Kanal 5 Skånefruar, designed by Dallas sthlm 3D and 2D by

PACO – Primal animation company.


Kanal5 decided to challenge the succesful Swedish Hollywood Wives on TV3. Executive Producer Carina Carlsson digged deep in the fertile Skåne-soil and found a well kept treasure. Skånefruar (Wives of Skåne) runs for only four episodes but these will surely be stacked with joy (and indecency). We flew down south, rigged up a mobile green screen and shot intensely for one day. Given only 4 seconds each, Nancy, Christina, Angela, Vera and Maria made it crystal clear why they undisputably rule the southern regions of our country – We came back to Stockholm brokenhearted but on the other hand with 30 secs of great material. We designed and produced logo & graphc manual, opening sequence, breakbumpers and all the other bits and pieces that make up a worthy on-air design package.

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