Battlefield 3: Fault Line Series Episode I Bad Part of Town | DICE

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Watch this epic ingame trailer for Battlefield 3. It’s just insane what the game industry is able to do in real time these days…

I watch the 10 minutes trailer version at Dice in stockholm just the other day, just amazing… well done Dice…


Text from CG record

Battlefield 3 will be the latest installment in the long running Battlefield franchise that originally started with Battlefield 1942. BF3 is a common shorthand term for the game and it is short for Battlefield 3. A common misconception is that Battlefield 3 is really Bad Company 3, this is not the case. In fact, BF3 is the sequel to the sleeper hit of 2005, Battlefield 2. The game will be produced by DICE, a swedish game development firm and will be published by EA Games. DICE & EA Games have produced all the past Battlefield’s thus far.

BF3 will be using the Frostbite 2.0 engine. This engine is commonly thought to be the engine behind BF:BC – BF:BC2. However, DICE has made it clear that no games have ever used the technology of Frostbite 2. Frostbite 2 will probably offer the best environmental, audio, and graphical advancements in a multi-console game ever. Better yet, Battlefield 3 will be the one to lead the new engine technology. Expectations of the engine are based off of previous improvements from 1.0 – 1.5, expect better sound, better physics, a more destructable environment, improved textures, and real-time weather changing.

Battlefield 3 is expected to be set in the modern warfare era. Expected factions include the US military, Middle Eastern Coalition, China, and/or Russia. The maps are expected to be larger than BC2 maps with more vehicles and game play improvements over past Battlefields.

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