Avatar in 3D. Just see it!

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I just came back from the cinema watching James Cameron’s AVATAR in 3D. I must say I was a bit sceptical.
I’m overwhelmed by all the visual effects and the great film. If you are going to see one film this year or the next one, see Avatar in 3D. Great experience. If Avatar doesn’t win the academy award for best vfx, then i’ll be really surpriesd. Weta and he other vfx companies has taken the next step towards the future in vfx. So big thanks and congratulations to all the people that has been working on it. GREAT WORK!
Here are some Swedes in the production… Give them some applause!

Mathias Larserud …. visual effects artist
Pär Tingström …. digital modeler: weta digital
Tor-Bjorn Olsson …. texture artist

Avatar 2009 – Full cast and crew.




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