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New stuff from B-reel, Directed by Johan Perjus and CG and post by Magoo.

Fedex – Solutions that Matter



In the summer of 2011, BBDO NY came to us with the idea of creating a series of four interactive stories for FedEx as part of the “Solutions That Matter” campaign. The concept was to create each episode by capturing people and events frozen in time, and piecing each of the scenes together into an explorable story. And while we were at it, we reckoned it would be interesting to let the storyline run in reverse.

Naturally, this required a pretty technical shoot, directed by our own master mind Johan Perjus. The four films were shot in multiple passes in Stockholm over 5 days using a motion control rig. Each and every scene was shot separately, with each character paused in movement, then stitched together to create the moment-in-time feel. Our dear, dear friends at Magoo then handled all post-production, including the creation and composite of a ton of 3D elements to each episode.

The stories were rolled out one by one over the fall, and features a unique system of navigation that allows the user to easily move forward and backward in time, exploring each and every detail. This type of interactive experience is a first for FedEx and we are happy and proud to have been a part of bringing this idea to life.

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