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Great behind the scenes on Fido’s awesome work for “Underworld Awakening” in S3D.  Spoiler alert!


Fido VFX Team
VFX Supervisor – Kaj Steveman
VFX Producer – Nils Lagergren
VFX supervisor – Anders Nyman
Line producer – Anders Singstedt
Character and Animation supervisor – Staffan Linder
Animation – Cameron Scott
                   – Peter Aversten
                   – Rickard Engqvist
FX animation – Björn Henriksson
Animation and modeling TD – Magnus Eriksson
Match moving – Björn Svanström
                          – Joakim Eriksson
Lighting TD – Peter Aversten
                      – Björn Liljequist
Concept artist – Rickard Engqvist
Compositing Lead – Daniel Norlund
Compositing  – Håkan Jonsson
                         – Martin Borell
                        – Tomas Näslund
                        – Pontus Albrecht
On-line – Linda Öhlund

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