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New update from Important looking pirates in Stockholm. All hand-painted in photoshop! Beautiful!

We were approached once again by our friends at Åkestam Holst to do another spot for promoting Viking Line’s Cuba themed cruises on the Baltic Sea.

The brief was to create a moving painting to express the buzzing energy of Latino rhythms on a hot summer night. We did a quick shoot capturing the musicians and dancers then placed them on a CG Cuban backdrop to create a canvas for the paint work. We then carefully hand painted each frame of the film to give the authentic textured feel of a moving masterpiece.

The result… a visual display of dancing brush strokes that invite you in from the cold onto the decks of the cruise liner into the world of Cuba. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this little gem from start to finish!



Client: Viking Line

Brand Manager: Per Jute

Project Manager: Merja Haapasaari


Agency: Åkestam Holst

Art Director: Olle Mattson

Copywriter: Calle Lewenhaupt

Account Executive: Jessica Söder

Account Director: Kjell Månsson

Producer: Linus Leander, Twofatboys

Music recorded by: Thomas Eby and Andreas Unge from the band Calle Real.


VFX Supervisor: Yafei Wu

VFX Producer: Magdalena Berglind

Art Director: Adrian Dexter

Lead Compositor: Niklas Nyqvist

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