Redrum’s new partnership.

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Exciting news from Redrum.  Redrum will partner up with 3D company Magoo in Söderhamn and sound company Redpipe.



What’s been happening
at Redrum? We quash a few rumours and reveal a couple of new surprises.
So you’ve probably been wondering what’s been going on at Redrum during the past few months.
Well, as of the beginning of February following on from a buyout, Redrum have become freestanding, whilst partners
Camp David and Social Club have resigned their positions within the company. The split is amicable and we still have
great respect for the two companies, and look forward to continued work in the future.
Along with the buyout we are pleased to announce two new partnerships, namely with Magoo 3D Studios and
Redpipe Music & Sound. These two partnerships are very exciting and along with our current partnership with MPC
in London, will allow us to cover all aspects of the Post process.
Magoo 3D studios setup shop around 2000 in Söderhamn, in the middle of Sweden. Their location away from the
hustle and bustle of Stockholm, has never been a hinderance to them or their clients and we have already worked
closely together in the past.
Magoo helped us with the pyro elements for Philip’s Carousel, which went on to win the Grand Prix for best film at
Cannes 2009 amongst numerous other awards. “We are very pleased to be able to amalgamate our post and finishing experience with Magoo’s solid and reliable 3D background.” says Richard Lyons at Redrum.
Since their launch in 2006, Redpipe have rapidly evolved into one of the leading sound studios in Sweden. Along with
the hundreds of commercials, film, web and radio spots they have designed, Redpipe have even made an impact on
the ever growing gaming industry. Among other projects, they assisted with the sound design for one of the major
titles of 2011, namely EA/Dice’s Battlefield 3.
Redpipe shall be installing a remote suite at Redrum, which shall allow for clients working on post at Redrum to sit in
a Redpipe session, without the need to keep popping back and forth between Riddargatan and Jarlaplan.
And finally… not forgetting our current partnership with MPC’s grading in London. Put simply, you sit in a suite at
Redrum with a grading monitor and Skype. This links you into a session with one of many super colourists from
MPC’s powerful arsenal and perform a grade. Without even having to go to London. We have even used this service
to be able to relay grading sessions from MPC Los Angeles back here to Stockholm, so that agencies and clients can
“sit in” on the session.

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