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Keno spot from masscreation and shot at and by Stiller studios motion control.
The end message for this spot changed once a day for a period, so I guess the production flow was pretty good.
Behind the scenes
Client: Svenska Spel
Åsa Westin, Charlotte Burlin
Agency: Masscreation
Copy – Henrik Levahn
AD – Jörgen Lindqvist
Production: Stiller Studios
Producer – Caroline Forsberg
Director – Patrik Forsberg
DoP – David Grehn
Camera Operator – Maja Dennhag
Motion Control supervisor – Tomas Tjernberg
Virtual backlot – Olle Westberg
Vfx supervisor – Fredrik Pihl
Lead compositor – Simon Björk
Compositor – Jacqueline Sandelin
TD – Fredrik Brännbacka, MadCrew
Textures/Modeling – Stefan Andersson, MadCrew

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