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Magnificent little opening trailer for Mad crew made by Mad crew with a little story to it as well.


The Mad Brewing Company was established 1676 with the slogan “It’s the Mushrooms” to promote its flagship product, the Mad Brew. The brewery was located in a hidden cellar under the famous brewery building at Åsögatan 119 in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is rumored that the fine quality of the Mad Brew was a combination of some secret components and the fact that the brewery was completely run by group of gnomes who, in a trade union dispute had left the Santa workshop in the North Pole and moved to Stockholm.

When the brewery building at Åsögatan was bought by Friedrich Rudolph Neumüller in 1853, the business of The Mad Brewing Company continued in some hidden basement under the building.

Today, a furniture store owns the old brewery but some people believe that gnomes are still hard at work somewhere in the building, fine-tuning the old Mad Brew recepie.

Sound: Sergeant Tom

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