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Gori | Hammock

The latest for Gori  from the super talented team at Ghost in Copenhagen. This time directed by one of the founders of Ghost , Martin Gårdeler. Great work Martin and team!

Client: Gori

We have put Andy the Mouse through horrible ordeals in two previous films for Gori Paint, from white goods and sharp gardening tools tumbling from the sky to death rays. This time we thought he was due for at least a few moments of peace and quiet, as well as a bit of a makeover. The idea; “Time lapse Andy in a Hammock”, was simple to write down on paper but it presented a lot of technical challenges. Andy was redesigned, new fur and rendering tools were used and a crack team of talented Ghost artists worked very hard on bringing him to life. The film is not yet on TV, but we have been given permission to show it here.


Directed by
Martin Gårdeler

Ghost VFX Supervisor
Thomas Øhlenschlæger

Ghost Producer
Rikke Gjerløv Hansen

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