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Once again Fido proves themselves by showing their knowledge and craftsmanship in this incredibly beautiful photorealistic falcon for Swedish NSF, produced  by Visual art.  Great work all involved.

Make sure to check out the behind the scenes footage as well.



Production Company: Visual Art
Director: Marcus Lundin
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Prod. coordinator: Adam Kuylenstierna
DoP: John Strandh
Mini-Heli operator: Björn Olin, Olin Design Teknik
Editing: Marcus Lundin
Grading: Rickard Ahlbäck, The Line
The Peregrine Falcon: Fido Film (See specified credits below)
2D: Peter Blomstrand, Erik Lindgren, Visual Art
Sound: RedPipe
Music: Deportees - The Doctor In Me

Credits Fido
Creative Director: Kaj Steveman
Producer: Claes Dietmann
VFX- och Animation Supervisor: Cameron Scott
Modelling Supervisor: Magnus Ericsson
Modelling: Björn Arvidsson
Texturing: Joakim Eriksson, Marcus Forsberg
Lookdev: Joakim Eriksson, Anders Nyman
Fur & Feathers: Anders Nyman
Rigging: Cameron Scott, Anders Nyman
Animation: Cameron Scott, Staffan Linder
Light & Render: Anders Nyman, Björn Liljequist
Comp: Martin Borell, Pontus Albrecht, Daniel Norlund
Photoshop: Marcus Forsberg

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