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Systems Administrator/Lead Technician; IMPORTANT LOOKING PIRATES

ILP is a visual effects and digital animation studio located in central Stockholm. We can proudly say that we have assembled one of the best visual effects teams in the business. All our artists, technicians, producers and support personnel are driven by passion for what we do and we always strive to push the limits of what we can accomplish utilizing the latest technology.

For more information on the company and our latest projects please visit

ILP is now looking for a Systems Administrator/Lead Technician for a full time position. Employment to start as soon as possible.

The person we are looking for has excellent knowledge of linux within the following areas:
pxe boot

Applicant will also be responsible for storage, backup, archives, rendering farm and work stations working well together.
Must have experience in debugging nvidia drivers/Xorg and other graphic problems in linux environment.
Must also have experience in handling licenses, installing new software and handling multiple versions of the same.
Has knowledge/experience in network switches/routers, larger storage solutions, bash and python, sql (especially mysql).
Experience of building open source projects/tools in linux.
Experience of git, svn and cmake.

Bonus experience:
Excellent knowledge of python/pyqt, C++/C.
Experience of running larger render farm.
Experience of planning and purchasing storage solutions, render farm and network infrastructure in terms of developing and securing future demands in a fast growing company/environment.

Bonus experience++:
Experience of 3D software like Maya, Vray, Naiad and their APIs respectively.
Knowledge in OpenGL.

Please send your application marked with “SysAdmin/Lead Technician” to

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