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At last some breakdowns from Swiss on the Swedish feature film Hypnotisören, directed by Lasse Hallström.

As usual Swiss shows some invisible and impeccable VFX.




Director: Lasse Hallström

Cinematography: Mattias Montero

Producers: Börje Hanson, Bertil Ohlsson, Peter Possne

Line producer: Serina Björnbom

Co-Producer: Per-Erik Svensson

Efterbearbetningsansvarig: Peter Bengtsson

Visual Effects Producer: Erik Holmedal

Visual Effects Supervisor: Leo Wilk

Visual Effects Coordinator: Adam Wittsell

Lead Digitial Compositor: Johan Vikström

Lead Digitial Matte Painter: Marko Ljubez

Digital Effects Artist: Simon Ekeberg,David Nielsen

R&D Techonology: Niklas Aldergren, Björn Jankes

Visual Effects Editor and Artist: Jon Wesström

Digital Compositor: Markus Bergqvist, Josef Bergström, Mikael Engzell, Thomas Ekenryd ,Mikael Ewald, Marek Jezo,Marcus Krupa, Filip Orrby,Sandra Scholz

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