Seminaries@ Megafront

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New seminaries @ Megafront in Stockholm.

Don’t miss next Wednesday 21st of November when Niklas Jacobson, Vfx supervisor at ILP talks about the fantastic work they did for Kon-tiki.

Introducing guest speaker Simeon Balabanov from Chaos Group’s Creative Specialist Team. Simeon has been working as a 3D artist and digital compositor for over 7 years in several visual studios. He is a new addition to the Chaos Group team, bringing production experience and technical knowledge. He will walk you through key features in V-Ray and Phoenix FD, share the latest product news, as well as answer your questions.


And if you think this is all we are to occupy your time with, brace yourself for a surprise – we are inviting the VFX magicians of the ILP team. They will get you deep into the vast Pacific and the details of their effects shots from the epic “Kon-Tiki” – the coming Norwegian feature film on the legendary ocean journey of Thor Heyerdal in 1947.

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