BEYOND BEYOND is looking for additional artists @ CB Sverige AB in Stockholm

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Want to work on Swedens first full cg stereoscopic film ever made? Now you got the chance…


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Copenhagen Bombay is in production on the s3D Full CG feature “Beyond Beyond” and need to
recruite some additional artists for their team.
CB Sverige AB is looking for team members for the animated feature film
BEYOND BEYOND, to be produced mainly in Stockholm
About CB Sverige AB
Copenhagen Bombay was founded in 2006 by producer Sarita Christensen and film director
Anders Morgenthaler. Their ambition was to create a company with openness and enthusiasm
for original stories and new talent, an innovative creative environment and a positive
engagement of new ways of doing business.
Since the beginning in 2006 Copenhagen Bombay has positioned itself first and foremost as a
production company and animation studio producing high quality animation for low budgets,
and with such success that we in 2011 expanded with the production company and animation
studio in Sweden, CB Sverige AB. Since then producer Petter Lindblad (
nm2503512) is located in Stockholm where he has built up an animation studio for producing
Swedish projects and co-producing internationally.
Copenhagen Bombay put a lot of focus on the teamwork and the closeknit teams working
together to create amazing projects. We don’t send projects abroad, but create teams and
projects that can be realized in our studios in Scandinavia. We want to produced locally to
have the experience and best people stay here and continue working with us.
About the project
BEYOND BEYOND is the second feature film by director Esben Toft Jacobsen (
name/nm2593468), his first being THE GREAT BEAR that had its world premiere in competition
at Berlinale 2011 and has since participated in close to 50 festivals worldwide and been sold to
over 20 territories.
BEYOND BEYOND is a stereoscopic 3D-animated adventure film for children 6-9 years old, and
will be the first ever stereoscopic (3D) film produced in Sweden. Read more about the project
on, where you also can see some stills from the pilot and some production
See the trailer for Esben’s first animated feature film, THE GREAT BEAR here:
Visit the production blog of the film here:
Our tools
Maya 2011, Yeti, Phoenix FD, RealFlow, Nuke 7.0, Z-brush 4, V-Ray 2.0, Royal Render
Roles we’re looking for
Shading/lighting/render artist (one)
The artist we’re looking for will work with our lead shading/lighting artist using Maya 2013,
V-ray 2.0 and Royal Render, and be responsible for rendering. Texturing is done by our
production designer/matte painter. Period: now – end of july 2013
Maya VFX artist (one)
The artist we’re looking for will focus on Maya effects like shattering, nParticles, nCloth
together with our lead VFX/sim artist. Experience with the above, scripting/expressions and fur
grooming is an advantage. Period: Mid/end march – summer (after agreement)
Responsibilities include:
For all departments, we work together and continually optimize our work process to reach the
best result and reach our internal deadlines without working overtime.
Requirements Suitable experiences in related projects, depending on the position you apply
for. We will not consider applicants without a proven track record. Good communication skills
– transparency and communication in the team is essential. Ability to make technical and
creative decisions with the director, TD and team leaders based on resources and desired end
result, and the ability to explain the decisions to others.
Following Swedish film agreement levels, on a per-role and experience basis.
How to apply
Send an email to and put the job role you’re applying for in
the subject.
We’d like to see a CV, resume or similar, and know some personal things about you. You’ll
also have a link to your website/blog where we can see things like a reel, stills and learn more
about your role in the projects and assignments you have been a part of.
Read more about the company and its projects at If you have
any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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