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Hilarious productions from Visual art for Oreo’s “super important test”




The Super Important Test site is a place for Oreo fans to cast their vote for what is the best part of the Oreo – the cookie or the crème. After you submit your vote, the site tells you if you got the right answer. Through a series of comedic and sometimes bizarre videos, you are informed that you are right. The catch — regardless of what your answer is, you are told you are right over and over again. When it comes to the cookie versus crème battle, there is no wrong answer.

The site features videos from over a dozen directors, production companies and YouTube personalities. The video makers spanned 6 different time zones and simultaneously crafted dozens of videos to give this site an eclectic and entertaining assortment of content. From oddly captivating 2D horse animations to hilariously realistic robotic cats, this site has something for everyone.

Client: Oreo
Project: Super Important Test
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Creative Directors: Jason Bagley, Craig Allen
Digital Director: Matt O’Rourke
Copywriter, Digital Creative: Jarrod Higgins
Art Director: Ruth Bellotti
Account Team: Scott Sullivan, Jessie Young, Ken Smith
Broadcast Producer: Katie Reardon
Broadcast Production Director: Ben Grylewicz
Interactive Producer: Robbie Veltman
Executive Interactive Producer: Lori DeBortoli
Information Architect: Jake Doran
Digital Designer: Paul Levy
Creative Technologists: Ryan Bowers, Billy McDermott
Executive Creative Directors: Joe Staples, Susan Hoffman

Production Company “Cat Robot” and “Bearded Man”: Visual Art
Director: Marcus Lundin
Art Director Visual Art: Gustaf Holmsten
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Producer: Hampus Gunnarsson
Post production: Calle Granström, Peter Blomstrand, Teo Mathlein

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