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Read about Swedish independent gaming studio SkyGoblin from Gothenburg.

The creators of The Journey Down are from SkyGoblin, a small independent game studio located in Sweden. When they opened the studio seven-eight years ago, there were about ten people involved. This was a crowd with a big passion for building games together, so everyone in the team was putting in some cash, and they managed to rent a worn-down office in the outskirts of Gothenburg. “That period was interesting, we were the poorest kings on planet Earth,” says Henrik Englund. “As time went by, people started to find other less chaotic things to do with their lives and started dropping off.” So, SkyGoblin is now a constellation of the three remaining friends, Theodor Wearn, Mathias Johansson and Henrik Englund. They are now developing chapter two of this classic point-and-click game The Journey Down. The first chapter can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or on Steam. They are still running their now six year old MMO game called ‘Nord’.

From the beginning, The Journey Down was only a pile of environments that Theodor Waern painted on his spare time. The drawings described an imaginary world. After five years of hard work, the drawings become connected as an adventure story with characters. A lot of the inspiration comes from African art, Talespin and old Disney movies. The game design is similar to the retro point ‘n’ click games from the 90’s, such as Grim Fandango, Full Throttle and Monkey Island, though the interface is simplified. The first version of the game was free to download, low-res (320×240), built in the Adventure Game Studio (AGS), by Theodor Wearn and released in 2006. The game was later picked up and rebuilt by SkyGoblin as a commercial project for PC, Mac, Linux and recently for iOS.

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