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Check out the “Official PlayStation Greatness Awaits Trailer” by the Mill NY. Swedish Per Bergsten was one of the 3D artists amongst many other great artists.


  • Post-Production / VFX Company: Mill NY
  • Mill Office: New York
  • Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
  • VFX Producer: Charlotte Arnold, Assistant Producers: Juan Handal, Emily Branham
  • Shoot Supervisor: Iwan Zwarts, Rob Petrie
  • 2D Lead Artists: Iwan Zwarts
  • 3D Lead Artists: Rob Petrie, Joji Tsuruga
  • 2D Artists: Kyle Cody, Dan DiFelice, Jade Kim, John Mangia, Danny Morris, Dan Giraldo, Ilia Mokhtareizadeh, Greg Spencer
  • 3D Artists: Olivier Mitonneau, Jeff Lopez, Alex Allain, Tyler Hurd, Olivier Varteressian, Per Bergsten, Ivan Luque Cueller, Billy Dangyoon Jang, Boris Ustaev, Hassan Tuimir, Ruben Vanderbroek, Tim Kim, Wyatt Savarese, Ed Hicks, Nick Couret, Ian Baxter, Phil Mayer, Cedrick Grousse
  • Matte Painting: Can Y. Sanalan
  • Colourist: Fergus McCall


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