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Check some of the amazingly great work that Mad Crew has produced for the three “Lasse Maja” films.

Mad Crew is working with Sweden’s largest film production company, SF, to create all sets for three upcoming feature films (over 3,000 VFX shots). These films were shot entirely against green screen and set in fictional cities created by our virtual scenographers.

LasseMajas Detektivbyrå – Von Broms hemlighet 
Client – AB Svensk Filmindustri

Directed by: Pontus Klänge , Walter Söderlund

Producer: Johanna Bergenstråhle, Moa Westeson
Production company: AB Svensk Filmindustri, Stockholm
Visual Effects/Design: Mad Crew Productions AB
Compositing: Storm Studios A/S
Script: Malin Nevander
Photo: Mats Olofson
Cast: Amanda Pajus , Luke Holgersson , Peter Magnusson
Co-Production Company: Sveriges Television AB, Stockholm
Stiller Studios AB
Cinenord Kidstory AS
Kinoproduction Oy, Helsingfors
Martin Widmark AB
Helena Willis AB
Samarbetspartner: Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen, Solna
Production Support: Nordisk Film- & TV-fond, Stockholm
Stiftelsen Svenska Filminstitutet, Stockholm
Norsk Filminstitutt, Oslo
Nordisk Film- & TV Fond, Oslo

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