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ILP is back with one of their specialities… liquids. This time in a collaboration with MPC London.

Have a look!



We sure do love our fluids! Take a look at our latest commercial for Thirst pockets!

MPC London trusted us with the visual effects work for one of their latest commercials.
The spot is about a family walking home after doing some shopping for Thirst Pockets. The raw absorption ability of the Thirst pockets attracts liquids in their surroundings which made for some interesting visual effects shots for ILP.

We did all the simulation and rendering in Houdini, and compositing and clean up in Nuke.


MPC credits:
Agency – Creative & Commercial
Production – MPC Creative
Colour Grade – MPC London

ILP credits:

  • VFX Supervisor: Niklas Jacobson
  • VFX Producer: Jan Cafourek
  • Production Assistant: Natalia Przezdziecka
  • FX TD & LEAD FX Artist: Jonas Andersson
  • FX TD: Julien Taton
  • 2D Artist: Jens Tenland


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