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There is a possibility that Digital storytelling will be able to put together a Gravity masterclass in Oslo with Theodor Groeneboom the 5th of April. However they need to get together enough participants to pull it off. So read through the following information from Angela Amoroso and email her if you are interested.


Digital Storytelling is back!
Gravity Masterclass
with Theodor Groeneboom, Framestore CFC
Saturday, April 5th 2014
in Oslo
Alfonso Cuaron’s masterpiece Gravity was one of last year´s great movie experiences. The film has won a number of awards for visual effects, sound, cinematography and art direction, and took home seven of the ten Academy Awards it was nominated for including best director, visual effects and cinematography. Gravity has set new standards for visual effects and  how close collaboration between director, producer, cinematographer and VFX  will effect future film productions. 
Digital Storytelling is arranging a two hour Masterclass on the making of Gravity with Theodore Groeneboom, Lead Compositor at Framestore CFC. Theodor won the Visual Effect Society (VES) Award for Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture for his work on Gravity, and many remember his presentation of his work on Avatar at Digital Storytelling 2010.
The Gravity Masterclass is designed primarily for film and VFX professionals, but the more than average film enthusiast might enjoy looking behind the scenes to see how these cutting edge visual effects were created.
The presentation will give detailed insight into the entire film production process from script and pre-production through shooting and post production. As as Sequence Lead Compositor and On-set Technical Director, Theo worked closely with both Director Cuaron and Cinematographer Lubezki on the VFX sequences.
The Masterclass will be held in Oslo on the afternoon of Saturday, April 5th. That evening the online forum, Store Dyret is arranging an informal get-together where everyone is welcome to continue discussion and mingling.
Tickets: 300NOK    
As we are still in the planning stage  – and as time is of the essence – we are wondering  just how many of our film and Digital Storytelling colleagues would be interested in attending this unique Masterclass?  If you think you would like to  spend a few hours of inspiration in zero-g , please let us know ASAP.
And please spread the word to friends and colleagues whom you think would be interested in this masterclass.
More about Theodor Groeneboom
Looking forward to hearing from you !
All Best,
Angela, Kim and Eric
Angela Amoroso
Kim Baumann Larsen
Eric Hanson
Founders and Directors
Digital Storytelling


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