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Tendril has recently produced a 3D character animation commercial for Petro Canada. The connection to Sweden is that Tendril hired Olov Burman of Göteborg, to make the Storyboard and Animatic.  Olov brought Chistina Sidoto in as a Freelance Character Animator to help him animate the characters and cameras. Christina is resident of Sweden for a year and a half, but originates from the NYC area.

World of More was initially developed as a print campaign for Petro Canada by Tendril.  The characters were plucked from 2D and brought into the spellbinding world of 3D character animation.



Link to process images
Name of the project/campaign
World of More
Petro Canada
ACD: Don Embree, Bart Smith

AD, CW: Sarah Quinto, Julia Forrester
Agency Producer: Lauren Sloan

Director: Tendril
Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma, Suzy Bradshaw
Coordinator: Leah Wesolowski
Storyboard & Animatic: Olov Burman
Character Design: Rodrigo Rezende
Beaver Design: Vini Nascimento
Animation: Olov Burman, Christina Sidoti
Rigging: Nick Miller
Technical Director: Ben Pilgrim
Modeling: Vini Nascimento, Ben Pilgrim, Rowan Simpson, Marcin Porebski
Textures:Brad Husband, Rowan Simpson
Lighting & Render: Brad Husband
Editing: Steve Manz of Relish Editing
Music: Eggplant Collective


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