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Snowcloud is looking for a VFX SUPERVISOR / SENIOR COMPOSITOR.

In-house position for the feature film SIV SLEEPS ASTRAY by Catti Edfeldt and Lena Hanno Clyne, based on the book by Pija Lindenbaum.

About the project

Snowcloud Films is producing a live action feature film for children 4-7 years old AND doing all the visual effects in its studio in Stockholm. The film will be shot in Luleå later this spring and R&D on the VFX has already begun.

About 150 vfx-shots are planned for the film, which is currently in final financing, and pre-production is planned to start in March 2015. We are now looking for the creative lead for the VFX-work, to be part of the planning and pre-production, onsite for the shooting and making sure we complete on time and on budget together with the producer Petter Lindblad, VFX-consultant Torbjörn Olsson and the rest of the team.

The position is planned to start in march and continue until september, and we plan to produce ALL VFX inhouse, working close together with the directors to optimize and make decisions on how to solve each type of VFX. We’ll also collaborate on the team to remove and simplify VFX that might be too time consuming and complex for our film, or in fact unnecessary to tell the story. The most important thing is the story of the film, and we’ll make sure it is told in the best way possible with or without VFX.

Our tools and your experience

We work with Z-brush, Maya and are currently doing R&D with Vray 3.0 and Yeti. Compositing will most likely be done in Nuke and the plates will be shot with an Arri Alexa in ProRes 4444 2K (2048 x 1152), 12bit Log-C, with some materials coming in Arriraw (greenscreen) and some in 6K from our drone shots taken by a Red Dragon Epic in 6K RAW.

We believe that you have worked in a senior capacity on a feature film or larger project before, and is willing to work across the borders of the production to make sure we solve the VFX in the best way possible within the timeframe and budget, and at the same time making sure the story comes through properly.

About you

You live in Stockholm or can commute here, on a daily basis. You’re not set in your ways after having worked on higher budget films, but see the possibilities with a smaller team working closely with the director’s, helping them make decisions that make the VFX work possible and keeping their vision.


For applications and questions, please send an email to petter.lindblad@snowcloud.se.


Petter Lindblad


Snowcloud Films AB

Swedenborgsgatan 28

118 27 Stockholm


Visitor address: Götgatan 9, Stockholm

e: petter.lindblad@snowcloud.se

m: +46 733 321 600

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