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Let’s Dance “promos”

Important Looking Pirates finished off 2009 with a trailer and print campaign for Let’s Dance – one of Sweden’s most popular TV shows.

ILP did three promo spots with accompanying prints where each dancer was was enhanced by a unique effect.


Art directed by Brokendoll, each wing was composed by a variety of CG fluid, cloth and particle elements to make it look dynamic and fun. With no physical rules to follow there was an excellent opportunity to be creative, making the male dancer Stefan Sauk’s effect very dramatic and the shot with Elin Kling more feminine and vibrant.

projects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_B_thumb.jpg projects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_A_thumb.jpg projects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_D_thumb.jpgprojects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_C_thumb.jpg projects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_F_thumb.jpg projects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_E_thumb.jpg

important looking pirates | Let’sDance.

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