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A nice collaboration between ILP and North Kingdom. Nice work!

The well known Swedish interactive design firm North Kingdom hired us to create high-end VFX for “Teamgeist” – a campaign site for Adidas. Our task was to create the transformation effect when the team members turn into faceless players.


Agency: North Kingdom
Film Production: Direktörn & Fabrikörn
Sound: Dinamhoe
Post: Dreamfield, Important Looking Pirates, Fido
Web production: Thomson Interactive
Norh Kingdom Team:
Creative Director/copy: David Eriksson
Account Director: Roger Stighäll
Producer: Marcus Ivarsson
Lead Art Director: Robert Lindström
User Experience Designer: Linus Nilsson
Planner: Sonja Lakner
Lead 3D Artist: Mathias Lindgren
Lead Flash Developer: Hans Eklund
Production Manager: Mia Wallmark
Graphic Designer: Mikael Forsgren
Assistant Art Director: Kalle Engström
Flash Developer: David Lundmark
Flash Developer: Kim Eriksson
3D Artist: Daniel Wallström
3D Artist: Lucian Trofin
Designer: Felix Hill Motion
Illustrator: Therese Larsson
Film Production Manager: Kristina Junzell
ILP team:
VFX Supervisor: Yafei Wu
VFX Producer: Frida Färlin
VFX team: Jonas Andersson, Niklas Ström,Niklas Jacobson, Patrik Wedinger, Erik Axelson, Sverker Nordqvist

Campaign site

important looking pirates | Adidas.

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