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For all you Avatar fans: A new article about the work done by BUF in France on Avatar from the new interesting blog Art of Vfx by Vincent Frei

Mathilde Tollec entered at BUF in 2004. She became visual effects supervisor on the film RICKY and she has just ended the supervision of AVATAR.

– Hi Mathilde, can you explain us your course?
After a degree S, I studied computer graphics during 4 years in Supinfocom Valenciennes.
After the getting my certificate, I postulated in BUF.

– How did you arrive to BUF and what films did you supervise there?
Lasting during my third year in Supinfocom, I made my training period at BUF, I right away loved this company, that’s why I went back to it next year.
On my arrival at BUF I worked first during 1 years on advertising, then on films: “2046″, “MY ANGEL”, “BATMAN BEGINS”, “HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE”. I supervised some advertising and then some sequences on films such as “SILENT HILL”, “THE PRESTIGE” and “BABYLON AD”. Finally, I supervised the film “Ricky” directed by François Ozon.


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