Sep 23

Colorama / Paint by Numbers | Upper First

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En fin film för Colorama från ett bolag jag själv inte känner till, men det säger i och för sig ingenting. Jag måste säga att jag har väldigt dålig koll tyvärr på Vfx bolag från södra Sverige. Upper first finns i Malmö. Skriv och berätta vilka ni är.

Titta även in på deras länk här under med behind the scenes materialet från inspelningen.


Client: Colorama
Agency: McCann Malmö
Direction: Upper First
Production: Upper First
Sound design: Kungen & Hertigen
Year: 2009

Sep 16

Marabou “Sensation” – Important Looking Pirates

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ILP’s latest work for Ogilvy Group introducing two new products for Marabou. The spot takes us on a liquid toffee and youghurt filled flumride with raspberries and walnuts racing to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Hats off to the great people at Ogilvy for trusting us with this exciting project featuring challenges like CG fluids and crowds of cheerful ingredients.

Don´t forget to check out our “making of”

Sep 15

Doritos “Asylum 626” -ILP

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This summer ILP took part in the making of the sequel to B-Reel’s award winning campaign site “Hotel 626” for Doritos. In “Asylum 626” B-Reel took everything a step even further and Important Looking Pirates was hired to do the post production work.

ILP was on set in Lithuania supervising the shoot. We got to be part of a truly dedicated team and had the fortune to see the great sets that were built. Back home we had a big batch of top notch footage and it was a pleasure to start working with it.

The list of effects shots to be done was long, the most complex one being an interactive sequence featuring a full-cg chainsaw. The rest were a variety of shots stretching from creating animated ECG-screens and flickering TV’s to water effects and much more. On top of that we did an extensive amount of colour grading.

Visit if you dare. Not for the faint of heart…

Sep 11

Saab Change perspective-Swiss

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During the summer Swiss was busy producing a new campaign “Change Perspective” for Saab . Together with production company Acne Film, Directors Alphabetical Order and agency Lowe Brindfors, they finished an amazing TVC and collaborated closely with Acne Digital for the interactive website.


Director: Alphabetical Order
Production company: Acne film & Acne Digital Stockholm
Agency: Lowe Brindfors Stockholm

Aug 10

Resistance Retribution “Shattered World” – Visual art

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Fantastisk fin reklamfilm för webb och tv som sändes globalt. Snyggt jobbar Visual art!


för högupplöst film gå in på

Client: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
CD: Arran Green
Project Manager: Petra Cattanach

Production Company: Visual Art
Director: Johan Rimér
Exec Producer: Peter Liljenberg
Producer: Niklas Gunnarsson
Editor: Johan Rimér
3D Lead: Oskar Wahlberg
3D Artists: Johan Rimér, Ulf Lundgren, Henrik Eklundh, Pontus Ekstrand, Kenneth Nyman, Greger Pihl, Patrik Wedinger, Jonas Ekman
2D Comp: Johan Rimér, Henrik Eklundh, Calle Granström, Emnet Mulugeta
Storyboard: Gustaf Holmsten

Jul 18

Axe “instincts” – Milford Film & Animation

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Ännu en uppvisning i technical direction av killarna på Milford. Lite läskig tycker jag.


Milford Film & Animation.

Jul 11

J&B “The Hunt” – RBG6

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En snygg och väl genomförd film för webben. Slutkunden  J&B whiskey kan vara nöjda med RBG6.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.895129&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

Director: RBG6.

Agency: Kesselskramer.

Production: Social Club

Jul 02

RWE – Giant | Fido

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Ett jätte jobb av Fido för det tyska energibolaget RWE. En film som innehåller det mesta.


RWE – Giant

Client: RWE

Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg

Director: Andres Rosas Hott

Production Company: Fido

Description: For the huge power company RWE, Fido designed a character and produced a 115 seconds long film depicting the advantages of being a giant. The film touches all major areas of RWE's business and contains a complex mix of matte paintings, water animation, characters etc.

Fido – Stockholm Sweden.